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what happened?” cried her mum as I sat holding her in my arms. “I- do-don't know” I said choking on my own tears “Oh my- have you called for an ambulance?” she asked checking for 's pulse. “Ye- yes” I stammered. The door bell rang soon after and ’s mum rushed to get it. What happened next was a bit of a blur I only remember being ripped out of my arms before I ended up at her bedside in the hospital Intensive Care Unit. “ I love you so much and I’m so sorry for everything” I whispered; my head lying on the bed next to the hand I was holding.

“Mum what’s up? Where’s ?” asked hearing his mum crying. “She’s in the hospital, I’m picking up a few of her things” ’s mum explained tearfully. “What happened?” “Just go and see her” “But-” “ don’t ask questions! There’s a chance we could lose her” she said sternly as she continued to pack ’s things “Go before its too late” didn’t need telling twice.

stuttered as burst into the room. “What the hell have you done to her now?” he roared “N- Nothing” said cowering away from him. “Just get out!” hissed spit “But I-” he began “Just go!” ordered pointing to the door. “Fine!” snapped before storming out. “Why did you do that?” I whispered “Because I’m sick of him hurting you” explained “How are you?” “Fine; but maybe I wanted him to stay” I replied dryly. “Why after everything he’s done to you?” asked occupying 's seat. “There are some things about me that you’ll never understand” I sighed before turning over and falling asleep. Leaving to ponder on my last sentence.

“Don’t be getting up and about you need your rest” said my mum fussing around me. “I won’t” I drawled trying to look round her so I could see the TV. “I’m just going to the shops now remember what I said” she informed me walking out the house. “Yeah whatever” I mumbled. I had been home a week and I was bored out of my mind. Mum insisted I was waited on hand and foot; meh it was okay to begin with getting anything I wanted without having to move off the couch but then it just got annoying mum constantly asking if I was okay or if I needed anything.

Mum has to go back to work today but she won’t come in and wake me up because I’m off school for another week apparently. I got up an hour before mum does, showered and changed into my school uniform before quietly leaving the house. It was still dark as I walked along my road towards school. Although dad was locked up it didn’t stop me constantly watching over my shoulder incase he was there.

I had decided to come to school to cure my boredom and at least this way I won’t have as long off school; so there won’t be a chance for any ‘I’m dead’ rumours to fly round the school. Luckily the school building was open when I got there. I quietly walked to my locker and was surprised by what I saw. All over it cards and post it notes were stuck on the front of it with messages telling me to get well soon. “Oh so now they care” I sneered as I flung open the door to my locker and placed my bag inside.

I sat on the floor and slumped against the lockers reading some of the cards I had received. I filed through them but stopped at some familiar handwriting. I opened it quickly and read it. ‘Dear , What I want to say I’ve told you a thousand times already so it would be pointless me repeating myself. You didn’t need to do what you did to make me notice you because I’m already sucked in and I can’t get you out of my mind for two seconds. I hope you can forgive me for the way I treated you; although if I was you I wouldn’t speak to me again, ever.

Always yours’

“So you read it then?” asked sitting down next to me. “Yep” I nodded looking through more of the cards. “Even though I meant every word I’ve said over these past few weeks there’s no way we can be together” he sighed looking at the floor. “And why would that be ? Scared of what your pathetic mates might say?” I snapped glancing at him briefly before going back to reading the cards. “No the band is moving to London next month” he whispered. “Oh right” was all I could say; how would I cope with not seeing him everyday? And ? Well I don’t see him anyway but I’d still miss him.

“I suppose that’s a good thing then” I snapped “Huh why?” he said realising what I’d said “Because I’m fed up of all your pathetic excuses for how you treated me, that’s why!” I spat as I jumped up and walked away from him.

Damn the rain! Rain at lunchtime means and friends are in the building. Oh great here they come but no . “What’s the matter didn’t cut deep enough?” sneered one of them, I couldn’t see who though. “No unfortunately” I mumbled from my seat on the floor. “Such a shame for the rest of us now we have to watch you mope about the place feeling sorry for yourself” “Leave her alone!” snapped stooping down next to me.

“Why the hell are you defending her?” “Because she’s my girlfriend and I love her” he said defiantly “Fine it’s your social suicide” laughed the gang before walking away. “You must mean it if you told your friends” I whispered pulling him to me and kissing him. “I always meant it” he smiled.

“Are you seriously out of your mind?” screamed my mum as I walked through the door. “Hi how are you? I’m fine but right now a crazy woman is shouting at me” I said not listening to a word she said. “Don’t get smart with me young lady; something could have happened to you and I wouldn’t have known!” she snapped “Fine, I’m sorry I was bored sitting at home all day when there was nothing wrong with me” I sighed “Okay” mum replied simply “But don’t be complaining to me when you get bored of school” she said leaving the room. “Oh don’t worry I won’t” I smirked; as I remembered what had said.

“Hi ” smiled hugging me as he entered the house. “” I mumbled before going back to watching the TV. I still hadn’t forgiven him for throwing out when I was in hospital. “Right we’ll see you later mum” called “You coming then?” “Where?” I asked; I knew exactly where we were going I just wanted to hear him apologise. “Oh come I’m sorry can we just get going?” he whined “Fine” I snapped and headed out of the house with trailing after me.

“Are you okay?” asked , more like shrieked as me and entered the practise room. Before I could reply I passed round everyone so they could hug me. When it was ’s turn he hugged me and then kissed me in front of the whole group. “When did he realise it?” asked dragging me away from the group. “I’m not sure” I giggled “As shocking as that was” said “Can we get on with this practise please?”

doesn’t look too happy” whispered as he sat down next to me. “Oh he’ll come round to the idea” I smirked “I’ll make sure of it” “And how are you going to do that?” “By threatening not to talk to him ever again” I laughed “He can’t live without me” “Who could?” smiled kissing me lightly on the lips.

“MUM! MUM ARE YOU IN?” bawled the moment I unlocked the door. “Yes I am there’s no need to shout I’m not deaf!” she snapped rushing into the hallway “Now what’s wrong?” “Did you know about her and ?” “Well I always knew he liked her” she smiled “He’s no good for her” whined don’t talk about your friend that way and anyway how can he be bad for her?” questioned mum “He just is” argued “I don’t see how because if it weren’t for him wouldn’t be with us right now” she sighed “And I don’t want to hear anything else about it; dinner’s in the oven!” “Okay mum” sighed finally giving up.

“Finally accepted it have you?” I smirked as flopped down on the couch next to me. “Just leave it” he snapped “No I won’t why can’t you just get over the fact me and are together? I mean I’m over the fact that the band have to move to London!” I snapped “When did tell you?” asked his head dropped slightly. “Last week” I sighed “When are you plng on telling mum?” “I don’t know” he breathed “I’ve been waiting for the right time” “Well you’d better tell her soon” I snapped before making my way upstairs.

, please separate” instructed our music teacher “Separate desks please!” and I had been laughing at her hair and I think paranoia was getting the better of her. “Okay” we mumbled; stood and moved to the desk in front of me. “Right class if you look this way Fiona and her friend; I’m sorry I forgot your name; are going to perform their compositions” beamed the teacher. “Oh great” I whispered to who giggled. “You two!” shrieked the teacher “I said separate!” “But we have” smirked “See separate desks” gestured to the two desks we were occupying. “Oh just be quiet then!” she snapped and turned to watch the performance.

The lads have been in London for a month now. When finally did tell mum she just cried and said she was proud of him. Not the reaction I was expecting but hey. I’m going to visit them next week during half term; can’t wait. “Have you got everything?” mum asked worriedly as I placed my suitcase in the back of the taxi. “Yes I repacked twice; you watched me do it” I moaned “Can I go now?” “Yes come here” she cried and hugged me “You tell that if I find out he isn’t feeding you properly then there’ll be trouble” “Okay mum” I laughed “Bye”

“You okay ?” asked walking into the living room of the McFly house. “Yeah” I mumbled “Where’s ?” he asked “How the hell should I know he’s hardly said two words to me since I’ve been here?” I snapped “Woah sorry I asked” laughed putting his hands up as a sign of defeat. “Whatever” I sighed and continued flicking through the channels on sky. “Hey babe” smiled cuddling next to me on the couch unaware ’s watchful eye was upon us. “Hi” I smiled fakely. I played with the buttons on my phone and made it ring. “Hello? Hi mum” I smiled walking out the room pretending to have a conversation. I waited in the hall for five minutes before saying ‘goodbye to my mum’. “Erm guys that was my mum, obviously, and she needs me to go home” I explained; I didn’t look at but I glanced at and the look on his face told me he knew what I was doing.

I had been home for three days and still hadn’t called me. Probably busy in the studio I told myself over and over. That seemed to work until I bought the new issue of Sneak. ‘ of the new pop band McFly has found love. This will devastate the large fanbase he has all around the country. Although the lads have been told to keep any girlfriends under wraps it seems this McFly boy likes to bend the rules’

I couldn’t believe what I’d read. Was this pretty blonde in the picture with him the reason he didn’t speak to me for most of the time I stayed with them? After all we’ve been through to be together and he goes and cheats on me with some slapper who’s probably only with him for the fame!

I went to bed early that night and cried myself to sleep. I didn’t want to call him I didn’t have the energy to argue and listen to the excuses I had heard a thousand times before. “Come on get up ’ll be here soon” smiled mum throwing open my curtains. “Doesn’t mean I have to get up” I replied sulkily pulling the quilts over my head to block the sunlight. “I’m not going to argue with you be up and dressed in five minutes”

“Hey miss me?” cried holding his arms open as I traipsed down the stairs. “Yeah a bit” I mumbled and shuffled into the kitchen ignoring his need for a hug. “ look who I brought with me” laughed following me into the kitchen. I turned to see beaming at me from the doorway. “Oh great” I huffed and continued pouring my self some cereal. I walked past the two of them and flopped onto the couch with my bowl of coco pops. “You okay?” asked ; sounded worried yeah as if he is. “You seem a bit…off with me” “Oh trust me if you were me you would be too!” I snapped “Why?” he doesn’t like to admit when he’s done something wrong. “This and don’t try and deny it because I’m not going to stay and hear it!” I cried showing him the magazine before storming up to my room.

“Come here” sighed sitting next to me on my bed. I curled up as he put his arms around my shoulders. “Although I hate to admit it but he does love you and I can see you love him” whispered “And he isn’t cheating on you” “He’s not?” I asked sounding surprised “Do you really think I’d let him do that to you?” said with a raised eyebrow. “No” I giggled “Well just go talk to him about it” he laughed “I will” I smiled wiping away my tears “Thanks Haz” I beamed as I left the room.

As I stood in the doorway to the living room I watched stare at the floor with his head in his hands. He looked so vulnerable and lost. I walked over to him quietly and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up at me through teary eyes and a small smile appeared when he saw it was me.

“I- she- it’s wasn’t what it looked like” he rambled. “Shhh” I said cupping his face with my hands and wiping the tears away from his face with my thumbs. “But I-” he choked. I shook my head telling him not to talk. “I don’t want to hear any I’m sorry’s or I love you’s in what you’re going to tell me” I stated “Now go ahead” “That picture was taken on the set of new video; we all had our picture taken with the girl who was going to be in the video because her little sister is a fan of ours” he said in what must have been one breathe. “That’s all I need to know” I whispered with a smiled on my face. “Good” he replied and kissed me.

“Right well ’s arranged for us to go back to Uppingham and have a practise there for old time’s sake” said brightening up. “Cool I’ll just ask mum if she can drop us off” I smiled and hopped off the sofa. “Okay let’s go” beamed my mum at seeing me in a good mood “ hurry up please!” “Okay sorry let’s go” he said racing out of the house leaving a trail of aftershave wafting after him. “Must be excited to see ” I laughed walking hand in and to the car with .

“I’ll be back in two hours to pick you up” mum informed us as we stepped out of the car. “See you later mum” I waved and followed into the building. “Hey everyone” I grinned “Hey” everyone replied. “Erm I- get off for a second please” whispered “Erm can I have a word please?” “Yup sure” I smiled “Be right back” “What did tell you about that picture from the magazine?”

I explained what he’d told me and I watched her expressions change from one of anger to one of guilt. “He’s lying to you” was all she could say “He can’t be” I didn’t want to believe her. “But he is” I walked straight back into the room and picked up the scissors that were on the side and walked upto 's and . “Liar” I hissed before running outside letting the cool evening air hit me in the face.

Mum wouldn’t be here to pick us up for ages so I decided to walk it wouldn’t take me long and I had my thoughts to keep me company. I was halfway along the long driveway of Uppingham when a car pulled up beside me. “Did you think it would only take that to get rid of me?” sneered a very recognisable voice from inside the car. “You!” I cried “Leave me alone” I started to run but he was too quick for me. I was thrown into the boot of the car. Before he closed it I looked up towards the school to see running towards the car. “HELP ME !” I screamed before the boot was slammed shut and the car sped away.

I followed her out of the room but man she was a fast runner she was halfway down the drive by the time I was outside the building. I started to walk down the drive when a car sped past me missing me by inches and stopped suddenly next to her. I saw a large man get out of the car and grab her. I started to run but my legs just wouldn’t go as fast as I willed them to. I saw her being thrown into the boot. Even from this distance I could see her beautiful blue eyes shining at me. “HELP ME !” I heard her scream as the man slammed the boot and drove off. “I’m coming!” I called “Please stop” I whispered the last bit as the car drove off out of the gates and out of reach. I dropped to my knees and grabbed fistfuls of my hair. The tears stinging my eyes as they fell rapidly down my cheeks. “ what- where is she?” asked hurriedly from beside me. “She’s gone” I whispered before I couldn’t contain the violent sobs that followed next.

I was dragged out of the back of the car and quickly blindfolded before I could see where I was. I felt myself being tied to a very rickety wooden chair. My blindfold was soon removed and I took in my surroundings. I was in some sort of a holiday home near a lake then it dawned on me. “Recognise it yet?” he spat yet “As a matter of fact I do” I said confidently not wanting my fear to be obvious “We’re at the cabin by the lake” “Well done” I could tell he was grinning sadistically “You’re a lot brighter than I once thought” “Yes it’s called an education but clearly you don’t seem to have one” I smirked at my own comment. “Remember what I said last time you got smart with me?” “No all I can remember about you was fists”

what happened? Where has she gone?” had hold of my shoulders and was shaking me madly. “Dad” was all I could say. “I’m going to kill him” dropped his arms by his said and began pacing with right hand on his forehead. “What are we going to do?” asked tearfully from ’s arms. “Well we can’t phone the police until she’s been gone twenty-four hours” sighed . “You should tell your mum” suggested “Urgh I forgot about her” groaned “She’s gonna freak” “She’s gonna find out sooner or later” I whispered sill on my knees on the gravel driveway. “Yeah I suppose ’s right has anyone got credit?”

“So are you gonna shut up now and let me tell you how I set this up?” snapped my dad. I shouldn’t call him that snapped my kidnapper. “Y- yes” I whispered from the ground, he had just hit me, again. “Good now cast your mind back to well this morning if you like to that wonderful photograph in that magazine you always buy” he sneered “Yes. What. About. It?” I snapped through the pain. “She was a pretty girl wasn’t she? You’re not a patch on her, she suits and his new pop star life style” he laughed “Didn’t need to pay her much to pose for them photos, the photographer was cheap too” “You mean-” I began “Yes that’s right I set it up and I also had a little chat with your friend ; I feel I can be very persuasive” he laughed again “You threatened her more like” “Threatened, chatted it’s all the same when planning a kidnap” “You’re sick, you know that!” I cried “Yes I know, but with me being sick it makes it much easier for me to do this!” he bawled and kicked me in the sach. I couldn’t do anything with my hands tied behind my back. I thought of to help me through the pain.

you have to eat something” urged trying to drag him out of bed. “No I’m not hungry” replied monotonously “Okay” breathed ; he didn’t want to annoy not after seeing be kidnapped. was the same he hardly came out of his room and when he did it was only for a glass of water or to use the toilet. ’s disappearance had hit them both hard; and it was getting worse because she hadn’t been seen for two weeks.

“Me and mum are fed up of waiting for the police to try and find her” said popping his head round the door of my room. “I’ll be up now!” I think that was the quickest I’ve ever got up. I could easily recognise the car again if I saw it. Even if there wasn’t much of a chance of me seeing it again I had to look just fool myself that in someway I might be helping her.

“P- pl- please stop!” I cried as he scraped the knife over my already blood stained skin. “Not much chance of me stopping after that little outburst” he smirked and continued making incisions on my arms, legs and face. “How can you do this to your own daughter?” I sobbed “Just shut up!” he sneered and punched me hard across the face before making the knife crawl down my leg leaving a trail of blood behind it.

“Whoever you are who has took my baby please just bring her back to us” cried mum “She means the world to me and if-” I hugged mum as she began to cry hysterically. Although we knew who took her we couldn’t announce to the nation on TV that it was her psychopath of a dad who took her. “She also means the world to me; when she was born I remember being so jealous of all the attention she got; I used to wish she weren’t born but now I realise how wrong I was to wish that” I choked through the tears “I dread to think what could have happened to her; to my baby sister that I have learnt to love so dearly” I couldn’t continue.

“Aww look at them all crying over you” mocked my dad “Waste of tears” I watched the tears slip silently down ’s face while mum and begged my kidnapper to give me back. But from the look in ’s eyes I could see he knew more than he was letting on.

Once the press conference was over dad switched the TV off and sat silently on the couch somewhere behind me. “Dad?” I called as much as it pained me to even call him that “What?” he snapped “Why do you hate me so much?” “Because, dear, you were nothing but your mother’s mistake” he sneered “Wha- what do you mean?” was I not his child? Oh god I hope so. “I mean you shouldn’t have happened; I was perfectly happy with the one kid; we were a happy little family why did we need you? I asked your mother when she informed me of her condition. But she ranted on about how she couldn’t get rid of you; she didn’t believe abortion was right” he explained bitterly “Now stop asking questions!”

Dad has gone for food; gives me at least an hour without being beaten or stabbed; at last some rest. Wait, he’s left his mobile.

“Anything?” asked from the front seat of his mums’ car. We had gone looking again; although we weren’t getting very far. “No not yet” I sighed and continued staring at the cars going by on either side of us.

I shuffled the chair over towards the coffee table which was about three feet away from me but when you’re tied to the chair it seems a lot further away. “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” shit! “Thought you’d try and call someone did you?” he sneered and snatched the phone off the table. “I-I-” I was truly scared “FOR THAT YOU’RE NOT GETTING FED!” he roared and kicked the chair over before kicking me full force in the sach, yet again.

“Wait!” I bawled “There it is!”

“I can’t believe he’d bring her here!” cried ’s mum from the front of the car. We had followed him for nearly forty five minutes while keeping our distance of course and he had ended up at some rundown cabin near a lake. “I- I know” stammered looking around him “Okay mum stay here lock the doors and call the police” “Okay but be careful please” she sobbed “I will mum” he smiled weakly “Come on Dougs”

“What was that?” snapped my dad jumping up. He went to go and check; I didn’t have much else to do except remember all he good times me and had spent here as kids. I looked over at the fireplace which behind it had a removable panel so we could have outdoor fires; but and I used it mostly for sneaking out at night. “?” I whispered as I head popped out of the dark fireplace. “ untie her quickly while I keep watch” I burst into silent tears as I saw emerge from behind . “Oh my god I can’t believe you’re here” I breathed “Neither can I” he smiled stroking my heavily bruised cheek “Now lets get you untied” “Dougs hurry up!” urged .

heard the mumbling of dad getting closer to the door he was stood behind so he grabbed the nearest thing he could; this being an ornament of a duck. “HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN!” bellowed dad “Shit!” cried who began to untie me a lot quicker. I saw dad charging towards but got there first and hit him over the head with…a duck? “!” I shrieked and threw my arms around him knocking him to the ground as he finished untying me. “Hello to you too” he beamed. I heard cough behind me before he helped me up. “Hi ” I whispered as he held me tightly and rocked my side to side. “I missed you so much” he breathed I could hear him crying. I turned my head slightly to look at . I caught his eye, beckoned him over and dragged him into the hug.

The police came in moments later followed by mum. They dragged my dad away. I pulled away from and so I could let mum hug me. She sobbed loudly into my hair causing me to cry more than I had been.

‘Treat me like a child, throw your arms around me, oh please protect me’

Dad was locked away for good this time on charges of kidnapping and child abuse. Since I’ve been home mum has let stay with me in my bed. Nothing like that you dirty minded people!

Just holding me so I know there is someone that will protect me and love me. “Nearly done?” “Yeah” I said placing my diary under my mattress and switching off the light. I felt kiss my neck so I turned over kissed him on the lips. “Night” he whispered “Night” I replied and drifted off to sleep in his arms.

The end!

copyright© Mostly McFly