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“Urgh mum do I have to go in” I whined as mum desperately tried to shove me out the car.

“Yes now get out”

“Fine” I slammed the car door and stalked through the school gates.  I was dreading this Monday more than I usually would because today someone new was joining our sixth form. I’m not to good around new people; I tend to make a show of myself and they end up hating me so today is probably not going to be any different.


“Good Morning Miss Simpson” smiled the headteacher as I walked into reception looking for the new girl I was supposed to show around.

“They’re waiting for you in the hall” the receptionist informed me.

“Thanks” I smiled and pushed open the hall door.

“I’m guessing you’re supposed to show me round” he sneered as he turned to face me.

“Hello to you too Dougie” I smiled falsely

“So this is the dump you escaped to so you could avoid me” he smirked looking around the hall.

“Yeah” I sighed; he had picked on me in year seven and eight when I had gone to the local comprehensive school down the road from the all girls school I was at now.


“Can we get on with this I was hoping to get down to the shops before lunch” he drawled

“Oh erm we’re not allowed to go off site” I mumbled

“I can’t believe I’m gonna be stuck here with you!” he snapped

“Yeah me either” I whispered

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