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“So you promise you’ll call me yeah?” grinned at the girl stood in front of him, the girl he was madly in love with.
“Yes silly! I’m not moving out of the country! We’re only going home and then to college tomorrow and don’t think just because we have different classes we won’t see each other” she giggled.
“Good” the couple kissed for what would be the last time in a long time before walking home, hand in hand.
That night never did get that call which led him to think she never cared, and probably never would.

First day of college
!” he shouted as he saw her walking down the corridor. She turned and looked at him briefly before hurrying away when she saw it was him.
“Bye then” he whispered and turned in the opposite direction. ’s thoughts lingered on the first time they had met, he’d taken pity on her when he was out one day with his friend and all she did to thank him was captivate him, ensnare his heart and mind to believe he was in love and then broke his them, for no reason whatsoever.

“Are you lost?” asked a lost looking girl cautiously
“Yeah kind of” the girl blushed “I’ve only just moved here”
“Well I’m ” he smiled “Me and my mate can show you around if you like?”
“I’d like that” she smiled with a bit more confidence in her voice.
“Oh this is by the way”
[End of Flasback]

[Present Time]
That had been over a year ago and only this summer he’d found the courage to ask her out
“Yeah but she didn’t like it for very long” signed bitterly to himself as he waited for the bus after college. The winter chill of November had set in quickly this year and he began to shiver. He heard girls giggling behind him and instantaneously recognised the laughter as her and her friends. He drew his hood up hoping they wouldn’t notice him but just his luck wasn’t it? They did.
“Hey look who it is” he heard one of them whisper quite inconspicuously. The moment the bus came rushed onto in an attempt to get away from them, but they had other plans.
“Sit by him!” he heard someone hiss but he placed his bag down next to him on the seat putting a stop to their plan. smiled slightly as if to say sorry for her friends but shot her a VERY unforgiving look.

He trudged to the front of the bus as it neared his stop and ’s much to his dismay.
!” she called as he walked away from the bus after it had stopped, but she got ignored.
, PLEASE WAIT!” she cried
“Why so you can break my heart all over again?!” he hissed, pure venom laced within his words.
“I-” she had tears in her eyes.
“Yeah that’s it, you cry for once, I’ve wasted enough tears on you” he turned and carried on towards his house. Her hand was suddenly on his shoulder stopping him in his tracks.
“What ?” he sighed somewhat sympathetically
“Can I see your folder for a second?”
“I suppose” he eyed her suspiciously handing her the folder.

traced her finer across the many scrawlings of her name and the lyrics that surrounded them on the front of his folder. She smirked slightly at the thought of the time she had with him since they had met last summer ‘Could he still care?’
?” he looked up with a blush colouring his cheeks but he still smiled slightly at the use of his nickname.
“I never forgot to call” she told him
“Then why didn’t I get it?!” he’d become defensive again
“Your mum said you’d gone out with another girl or Amy as she called her! So I thought you’d found someone else so I ignored you because I was angry and upset” she was crying now.
“Oh my god, Amy’s my cousin! And anyway why all of a sudden talk to my after fucking off with them two for over a year leaving me to think you didn’t care about me?!”
“Because I love you and one of ‘those two’ as you called them, saw your folder and decided to help us get back together because she knew how we both felt!”
“You- you- love me?” it seemed that was all he’d heard her say
“Yes” she sighed, relieved he had finally got it into his head
“I love you too” he grinned and kissed her to prove it.

copyright© Mostly McFly