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help!” cried as he rushed into our living room
“With what?” I asked uninterestedly
!” he sighed and flopped onto the couch beside me “I have no idea how to get her, she’s impossible!”
“Nothing’s impossible” I smirked
“So how do I win her over?” he smiled
“Tell her something like she has amazing eyes, girls love it when guys are actually looking at their face rather than their chest”
“Eyes, got it” he nodded as he mentally noted it down “Anything else?”
“Don’t whatever you do talk to her chest!” I laughed slightly “I know I’ve said they hated it but from what I can tell she’ll despise you for it”
“Ok cheers ” he grinned as he stood from the couch “, can I speak to you for a second?”

That was three weeks ago now and she’s constantly round here. I realised sometime after her and got together that I had fallen for her. I can’t believe how dumb I was to tell all my best lines and amazingly they worked, would they have worked for me? Probably not, I guess I’ll never be the guy to get the girl, my girl…

“Do they ever give it a rest!” cried as he stalked into the room “I mean seriously they aren’t the only ones in the house!” I only hoped she was faking it when she screamed.
“Hey guys” blushed as she entered the living room when they’d finally ventured downstairs “Can I sit down?”
“Yeah sure” smiled before he went back to watching the TV
“Thanks” she grinned and sat beside me ‘She’s gorgeous’
“Sorry about, well that-” she blushed again
“It’s ok” had changed his tune, I couldn’t speak, I felt that at any minute I was going to tell her how was a fraud and I was the one who came up with the lines that won her over.
“Oh is that the time already?” she cried “Can you tell I had to go to work?”
“Yeah” I finally squeaked
“Thanks ” she grinned, I think I died there and then.

stop!” she giggled in ’s lap
“Say sorry!” laughed
“Please stop!” she pouted
“Fine” sighed and kissed her.
Seeing the two of them together really frustrated me, over and over in my head all I can think is I could’ve been with her but I just HAD to help ; her living across the street but one didn’t help my mood either because I saw her everyday out of my bedroom window on her way to work most of the time, god I could stare at her for hours.

Days later I was in my room crying of all things over her, pathetic yes I know but just because I’m a boy doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to cry! There was a knock at my door.
“Fuck” I muttered and swiped my tears away as I made my way over to the door.
?” I asked as I opened the door, in front of me was stood the girl I had been infatuated by for weeks now- in tears?
what’s the matter?” I asked quietly after I found my voice
’s been cheating on me” she sobbed, I put my arms around her
“Come in and sit down” I whispered
“He’s a complete jerk! I hate him” she cried “He even had the cheek to cry and tell me he cared!”
“Erm I know this mightn’t be the best time to tell you this but-” I pulled at my fingers out of nervousness
“Tell me what ?” her tears had now subsided
“I- I- …I’m the one” I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye
“You’re the one what ?” she was now kneeling in front of me as I sat on the bed with my head down. She nudged my head up slightly and looked me in the eye.
“Tell me please” she smiled, I had to tell her now
“I taught everything he knows” I sighed “I gave him all my best lines so that he could win you over, but I’ve been regretting it for weeks” I looked away from her not wanting to see her reaction
, look at me” she pleaded
I turned and looked into her deep eyes
“You could have said sooner” she grinned
“What?” I cried
“It’s been you I’ve liked all along, I only went out with so I could be closer to you, and me and never actually- you know, for some reason felt he had to fake us at it, jerk” she laughed
“So you like me then?” I couldn’t contain my smile
“I sure do” she smiled
Kissing her for the first time was the greatest moment of my life
“Now what are we going to do about ?” she asked biting her bot lip slightly
“Hey don’t worry about him, he cheated on you, it’s his loss!”
“Good” she whispered and pulled me up off the bed and into a hug “You most definitely are the one”

copyright© Mostly McFly