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One Day We'll Meet Again

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Everything happens for a reason...

“It’s okay I’ve got another arm!” I called out frustrated that for the second time today a damn couple had bumped into me and not apologised “Is everyone a bloody couple except me”

‘Unlucky in love, unlucky in nature’ that’s my philosophy; well it’s an excuse for why no on seems to pay attention to me when out and about. I guess it’s because I’m just the complete opposite of my sister . She has everything I haven’t: for starters she’s got legs and fortunately isn’t vertically challenged like me, she has a fiancé; he’s loaded too and to top it all off she’s got a great body and BOOBS. Yes your eyes do not deceive I said boobs. Mine have to be the smallest in the world and hers are just well there. Speaking of her! As if it wasn’t bad enough she’s perfect and has a string of past boyfriends but now she’s cheated on her bloody husband to be!

. !” I screamed as I marched over to her and the guy whose face she was attached to, earning me a few looks in the process “Put him down and step away!” She didn’t seem to hear me; the cheeky cow!

“I’ll tell Charlie!” that had to have worked; she’ll be crapping one if I tell him hehe. I was close enough to reach out to her so I decided to tap her on the shoulder and give her a fright; though I doubt that by now she hasn’t realised I’m here; but then again she is a bit ditsy.

I tapped her lightly on the shoulder and felt myself being thrown back onto the floor. I look up and see the boy my sister had been kissing, smiling in front of me offering to help me up. I looked round frantically looking for my sister and my shopping bags containing the purchases I’d made in town; hehe I used the word purchases.

“Come on” he laughed “That’s the last time I let you have vodka”. As I stood up straight, big mistake, I began to lose my balance and my head began to spin.

“Who- are- you” I managed to slur through the sudden drunkenness; this was beginning to freak me out. It also then dawned on me that it wasn’t daytime any more; the summer’s afternoon I had been enjoying had now dissolved into the blackness of the night.

“Well missy” he giggles “My name is ; but then you already knew that” to hell I did; I had no idea who he was, or where he was taking me but I was too drunk to resist.

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