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McFly Profiles
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by Jodz

. “Look at this top, it’s gorgeous!” shouted to her best friend.

“Yea its nice but not as nice as this one” said holding up a baby blue halter neck. “I seriously cant wait for tonight” said excitedly as she grabbed the top from the rail, “I want to look perfect as its not every day you get to meet Mcfly!”

pulled the top up against her and smiled. That’s it she thought, perfect. “ hurry up were gonna be late, ive still got to get changed yet and so have you, come on get a move on!” said pushing towards the counter.

“That will be £12.99 please” the assistant said as she scanned the top through the system. handed the money over and then was practically dragged out of the shop by .

When they reached ’s house jumped on the sofa while flicking off her shoes.

“Ah! That’s better freedom at last” she giggled as she wriggled her toes in 's face who had just sat down beside her.

your so gross you know that!” squirmed as she shoved her foot away.

picked up the remote and turned straight to MTV hits when she suddenly jumped up from the sofa screaming.

“Dude she’s amazing and I can’t believe you lost that girl!” she sang in chorus with mcfly as the That Girl video finished. “I really cant believe that in a few hours time were gonna be in the same room as them!” screeched with excitement.

“I know” agreed as she picked up the remote “ and its all thanks to Dave for hooking us up with back stage passes” she said whilst flicking through the channels. “You know I seriously thought he was joking when he first mentioned it.”

“Yea me too, you know what his like when he’s winding us up!”

“I’m so glad that you’ve got such a cool uncle!”

It was nearly time to leave for the concert when had just finished straightening her hair. She walked over to the full length mirror and stood and admired her reflection. She was wearing the white fitted tee she had brought that day which she teamed with a pair of her fav ripped jeans and white loathers. Her hair was perfectly straight and hung out loosely over her shoulders.

As she stood looking at her appearance she felt that something was missing. She went over to the pile of clothes that she had flung on the bed earlier in a desperate attempt to compile her outfit together. There she found her diamante black belt, which she quickly threaded through the loops of her jeans to complete her outfit. When she glanced back at her self in the mirror she couldn’t help but smile. She thought to herself that in less than an hour she would be meeting mcfly, she was especially looking forward to meting Danny as he was always her favourite.

BEEP BEEP she was snapped out of her daydream by the sound of the beeping horn from ’s dad’s car. She quickly ran down stairs grabbed her denim jacket and ran towards the door.

“Come on it’s through here!” shouted above all the screaming fans

“What?” yelled back covering her ears in a desperate attempt to protect her eardrums “I said through here, that’s where our seats are!”

“Ok lead the way” grabbed hold of ’s hand as she lead her through the crowded lane which lead to their row.

“God its loud in here!” scream so that could hear her

“Yea I no, oh look here we are, seats 3b and 4b”

“Finally!” sighed as she collapsed on the chair. sat beside her as they waited for the concert to start.

“It’s starting!” screeched as the arena lights were lowered then on came mcfly. and jumped up excitedly as the four boys stood on stage.

The two girls sang their hearts out as mcfly performed obviously, that girl, room on the third floor, its all bout you followed by you’ve got a friend and also playing hypnotised and ending with a big finale of five colours.

“That was the best concert ever!” yelled as the arena lights lifted.

“I no and just think its not over yet!” replied with a smile

“Oh yeah how could I forget, we’ve still got the passes!”

and walked to wards a side door guarded by two security guards.

“Passes please” one of the two said whilst staring at the two teenagers.

“Urm..Yea sure” said handing the passes over

“Ok that’s fine you two go through” and looked at each other and smiled excitedly.

As the walked through the guarded door they looked back to see that a line of screaming girls had formed behind them. They noticed that they were all being turned away.

“These passes must have been hard to get hold of coz no one else seems to be getting in” stated to as they carried on walking till they reached the bottom of a stair case. “Where do we go now?” asked confused

“Im assuming up the stairs” replied looking up the spiral of stairs that stood before them.

“Look!” cried pointing to a sign, which read McFLY, ROOM 127 2ND FLOOR.

They had literally ran up the stairs the moment they saw sign and began searching for room 127. They walked past which felt that a hundred doors when they finally came across one labelled McFLY.

“God I’m so nervous” whispered to as they glanced at the door.

“I don’t know if I can go in” replied holding out her shaking hand for to see how scared she was.

“Look, I know your scared, I am too, it’s just when are we ever going to be able to do something like this again?” said as she turned to face .

“I know your right”

“ok then here goes..” glanced back at the dressing room door and took in a deep breath and raised her hand to knock…

copyright© Mostly McFly