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Normal POV
" you gotta get up or you'll be late for college" shook his sixteen year old sister in an attempt to wake her up.
"Ok what's for brekkie?" asked sitting up and flicking a piece of her out of her face.
"Yeah like I'm gonna cook" laughed leaving the room.
laughed and shook her head as she pulled on a pair of socks. dressed in a black cargo skirt, black converse and a t-shirt with the slogan 'My imaginary friend thinks you have major problems' on it.
"I'm going "
"Bye; cya after college"

's POV
"Good Morning " I greeted
"Mornin " huffed
"What's up with you?"
"It's bloody freezin and I've been out here for half an hour" snapped .
"Well why didn't you just knock; would have let you in" I said slightly confused.
"You know he hates me; he thinks I'm your boyfriend or something" "Erm right here's the bus" I changed the subject quickly; I had liked for a while now,as more than a friend I mean.
"Are you getting on?" spat the bus driver bringing me out of my thoughts.
"Sor-ry" I sighed paying my fare.

"Meet you here for lunch yeah?" asked; he had cheered up alot on the bus ride to college.
"Yeah sure; bye ; love you " I waved and made my way to my Business Studies class.
"Bye ; love you" he smiled back

"Oh my gosh !" said jumping up and down on the spot in front of me.
"Woah ; stop; spill"
"Sorry I'm just excited" he explained "There's this new guy, , in my music tech class and he's thinking of starting up a band and we got talking and he asked me to be in it!"
"Wow that's- that's amazing" I breathed; had wanted to be known for his music since he was little.

~~~3 weeks later
"Hey sis what's up?" asked flopping next to me on the couch
" won't be for much longer if he doesn't call me anytime soon!" I snapped
"O...k... forget I asked" sighed knowing not to annoy my further when I was pissed off.
"I'll do that!" I spat angrily flicking through the music channels "URGH" I threw the remote control at the tv in frustration.
I hadn't seen in weeks and he usually phoned me planning for us to go out somewhere but then he'd blow me off at the last minute.
My mobile rang out.
"Bout fucking time!" I screamed and answered my phone.
"Hello " I said coldly
"Erm you wanna meet the band tomorrow?"
"Really?" that had cheered me up loads; the band was the main reason he kept blowing me off so it made me happy that for once I was gonna be included in it.
"Yeah we'll go to 's straight from college k?"
"Yeah I'll come and meet you's in the music room after lessons okay?"
"See ya tomorrow then"
"Bye ; love you"
"Bye ; love you"

"You guys ready?" I asked popping my head into the music room
"Yeah, come here for a sec and meet everyone" said happily; I loved seeing him smile.
"This is , , James and Matt" introduced them one by one.
"Hi" I smiled shyly 's new mates were all hot.
"So this is the one you chat on about all the time when we should be rehearsing?" snapped ; I took an instant disliking to him.
"Yeah" replied halfheartedly.
"Can we go I need to be home by eight" whined
"Yeah let's go" snarled
"I don't like him" I whispered into 's ear
"Ah come on you've only just met him; give him a chance" urged
"Fine" I huffed and followed the other boys to the train station.

" man stop chatting to your bird we need to jam" snapped
"I'm not his bird" I stated dryly
"That's a good thing for him then! Now come on I need my guitarist and you're distracting him so I suggest you sit down and shut up or I'll chuck you out!"
" are you gonna let him talk to me like that?" I looked at but he looked down at his guitar and pretended to fix something on it.
"?" I asked refusing to believe that he wasn't going to defend me
"Sorry" he mouthed
"Fine fuck you!" I spat and grabbed my bag off the floor. "Bye /; love you" they both whispered at the same time; even though they couldn't hear each other. I ran out of 's house and didn't stop until I got to the train station.

I looked quickly at the route map. I ran my finger along the blue line until I came to the stop my cousin gets on at. I jumped on the next train headed in that direction and was soon at my cousins front door in tears.
"?" I nodded and collapsed into her arms. I loved my cousin Ashlee; she was like a sister to me; me and had stayed with her after mum had died until turned eighteen.
"Ash he hates me" I cried into her shoulder as we sat together on the couch in her living room.
"I'm sure didn't mean what he-"
"I don't mean ; I meant !" I sobbed harder; I just couldn't believe he would let speak to me like that. I explained what happened at 's.
"Awww babes don't worry he doesn't hate you; he's just making sure he doesn't get on the wrong side of and lose his place in the band" cooed Ashlee
"Oh so a dumb band is more important than me and our friendship?" I spat
"No course not- Oh honestly I don't know what to say" she sighed "I best call and tell him your here and that your safe; you wanna stay over?" she asked
"Yeah please; oh and Ash don't mention the thing between me and he already hates him enough" I said as I set up sofa bed.
"Ok I won't"

"Oh look who it is it's little orphan " spat as I walked past him, and the next day. I stopped in my tracks at what I'd just heard. "Take it back!" I spat as I spun round to face him.
"Or what?"
"Or I'll jam my foot up your ass that's what!" I snapped
"Oh go and sh*g your dad!" spat ; my jaw must have hit the floor when my mouth dropped open.
"You bastard" I whispered the tears were flowing from my eyes.
I couldn't believe he'd told them about my dad raping me or about my mum drinking herself to death. My dad had always been a heavy drinker and one night mum had took to a gig in town and he forced himself onto me; I was thirteen at the time had been seventeen. When my mum had found out she got my dad put away for it and hit the bottle herself but died three months later from alcoholic poisoning.
"You fucking back stabbing bastard!" I flew at
"How- the- fuck- could- you- do- that- to- me?" I asked inbetween punches to 's face. I felt someone's strong arms dragging me off .
"He's not worth it!" spat in my ear.
"LET- ME- GO!" I screamed as I struggled against and were laughing at me but was looking at the floor while holding his face.
"No" he said simply; soon I had calmed down and he placed me on the floor.
"What are you doing here?" I snapped at him angrily; I was angry he had stopped me beating the shit out of .
"I came to meet you for lunch and I wandered in to find you and saw you beating up; not that it's a bad thing you were..." I glared at him
"Sorry; so what's he done to make you beat him up?" I explained how he had told about my past.
"That little prick wait until I get my fucking hands on him!"
"Bye ; love you" I said to myself as he and his mates walked away.

's POV
"I'm going to get a shower" said emotionlessly as she trudged up the stairs when we got in from lunch.
"Erm okay" I said heading into the living room.
I looked up at the clock once friends had finished and noticed she'd been in there for a really long time now; I best go check on her.
"? you okay?" I asked as I knocked on the door.
There was no answer. Maybe she couldn't here me over the water? "?" I shouted
Again no answer. Shit. I broke down the door and found in the bathtub fully clothed clutching a now empty bottle of paracetemol. "No , come on wake up, shit!" I pulled out my mobile and called for an ambulance.
At the hospital she was rushed away and I was left to wait. I called Ash.
"?" she called as she entered the Casualty waiting area.
"Ash" I whispered tears running down my face.
"Oh what the hell has she done to herself?" choked Ash the tears soaking through my t-shirt. I explained what her so called best mate had done and what he'd drove her to do.
"That prick and you always said he was never to be trusted but I always told you to shut up and that he was a good kid and it's my fault if I had only stopped them playing together when they were younger...." Ash babbled before breaking down again.
"It's not your fault; it's mine I should have kept her away from him myself" I tried to calm her down.
"Mr ?" asked a nurse
"Yeah how's can we go and see her?" I asked quickly
"Well she's overdosed on those pills you found her with; the doctor has just finished pumping her stomach and her heart has become very weak as an effect of her body ingesting so much paracetamol at one time; we have her on breathing apparatus as her body is too weak to breathe for itself yet" explained the nurse
"Can we see her?" asked Ash quickly
"Yes of course follow me" Ash grabbed our stuff off the bench and we followed the nurse through to . When we got to the cubicle; there was beeping coming from one of the machines and doctors were rushing in from every angle.
"Oh we're gonna lose her" cried Ash burying her head into my shoulder
"No we're not!" I whispered and kissed her on the forehead.
"Mr if you could step outside for a moment please" asked the doctor who had controlled the beeping of the machine.
"Erm yeah sure I'll be right back Ash" Ash nodded and rushed to 's side as I followed the doctor into the corridor.
"Mr your sisters condition has just become severely worse it seems her body has slipped into a coma; and we're not entirely sure she's going to pull through..."
"No she has to pull through; she's all I have" I let the tears stream freely down my cheeks.
"I'm sorry we'll alert you if there's any change; you should go home and get some rest" suggested the doctor
"Thanks doctor"

"So what else shall we get her?" asked Ash sadly
"I was gonna get her Busted's newest album for her birthday next week but I suppose I could get it sooner" I smiled weakly. (A/N: I know Busted have broken up : ( but let's pretend they're not)
"Yeah that's a good id-" began Ash "That little prick walking round like he's done nothing wrong!" I didn't have a chance to stop her she dropped the bags and rushed over to a shocked looking .
"Wh- what happened?" asked quickly; I scooped up the bags and joined Ash.
"Come on Ash let's go" I sighed and began leading her away
"Yeah Ash go!" snarled
"TRUST ME SCREWBOY YOU DON'T EVEN WANNA GET ME STARTED!" I bawled at before storming away.

's POV
"Excuse me could you tell me where is please?" I asked the receptionist
"Are you a relation?" she asked snottily
"I'm- I'm her boyfriend" I wish.
"Shes in cubicle ten through those doors"
"Thank you" I breathed before rushing through the doors
"?" I gasped when I entered the cubicle to find her hooked up to alot of noisy machines.
"What the hell have I done to you?" I rushed to her side and held her hand.
"I'm really sorry I don't know why I told them; you mean more to me than their stupid band I shouldn't have blown you off all those times just so I could go out with them; I should have stuck to our plans; had fun with my real frined, my best friend" I rested my head on the bed my lips milimetres away from the hand I was holding "I don't know whether you can hear me but I've meant to tell you this for a long time; but I put it off because I was scared I'd lose what we had; and anyway .........I love you" I closed my eyes; the tears overcome me.
"I love you too" whispered
"You- you're awake" I gasped looking at her face
"Yup; and I forgi-" she began
" what were you gonna say come on what?" I urged "NURSE!" had began to take in choked breathes and her machine started beeping. The nurse rushed in with a doctor and tried steadied her breathing.
"Bye ; love you" breathed barely audiable.
Her head fell back and her eyes closed; the machine flatlined.
"No"I breathed
"Time of death; 15:48" announced the doctor sadly as he felt for a pulse and lifted the sheet over her head. The nurse switched off the machines.
I left the hospital feeling empty; she was gone; forever; my best friend she'd been through everything I'd been there to help her through the rough times and now she wasn't coming back.
I knocked on her front door. Her cousin Ashlee answered.
"What do you want?" she snapped but her face softened when she saw the tears rolling down my cheeks.
"She's gone" I whispered

Ashlee's POV
I still can't believe I am going to be laying my sixteen year old cousin to rest. I forgave ; but only because would have wanted us to get along.

's POV
My sister; my baby sister has gone; it feel the same as when I found out what dad did to her but a thousand times worse. The funeral was all arranged. has given me a song which had written for him; Ash is going to sing it when we bury the coffin.
's POV
The coffin is being lowered now and Ash has started singing. "Come Dan it's time to go" smiled weakly; we've never really got on but lately we've gotten closer too bad it wasn't like that when was here.
"Okay coming" I said following him and Ashlee to the car
"Bye ; love you" whispered a voice
"Huh?" I spun round and smiled she never lets us leave each other without saying goodbye properly "Bye ; love you"


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