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Shall We Dance?

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"Now please remember ladies we are swans not elephants. From first position we spin into second and-" began the ballet teacher " you are doing it completely wrong! You have been for weeks and frankly I'm fed up of it so tonight you will not be attending in the special assembly!"
"Sorry miss" mumbled her teacher was forever having a go at her for nothing.
"Urgh that's all for today class be gone!" snapped the teacher. grabbed her bag and water bottle from the side of the room and left the dance studio followed by comments from the other girls in her class.
"Could everyone please now make their way to the hall thank you" the head teacher's voice echoed through the halls of Sylvia Young's school.
left her dormitory and entered the toilets on the floor above with her cd player. set her cd player on top of the toilet in the stall furthest away from the door. She swiftly locked the door before slumping down against the tiled wall and closing her eyes as she slipped away with the soft melodies of McFly.

"Could you all please quiet down McFly will be here shortly!" called the headteacher before slipping backstage to talk to the lads themselves "Well are you ready to go on?"
"Yeah we are" smiled .
"Actually miss which of the toilets are open?" asked nervously.
"The ones on the third floor" sighed the teacher "Please be quick everyone's waiting!"
"I'll be right back" said before running to the toilets.
'Life is getting harder day by day......' entered the toilets silently to the sound of Not Alone ricocheting off the walls along with a faint girls cry.
He followed the crying to the end cubicle and knocked loudly on the door.
"GO AWAY!" shouted over the music.
The feet disappeared from in front of the door and went back to picking at the freshly scabbed cuts on her arms.
Her arm was now covered in blood so she exited the stall and walked towards the sinks not noticing was stood there.
"Are you okay?" asked when he saw 's arm.
"Yeah I'm fine" she whispered and wiped the tears from her eyes. She tried to turn the tap on but her arm was too weak. "Need help?" asked politely.
"Please" she sniffed. filled the sink with cold water; soaked a paper towel and pressed it onto her cuts.
heard a sharp intake of breathe as he cleaned her wounds.
"Why aren't you down in the hall with the others?" asked making conversation.
"I'm- I wasn't allowed because I have been messing up too often in my ballet class" sniffed and glanced slightly at .

finished cleaning her arm and sat himself on edge of the sink like had.
"So what's your name?"
" but please call me " she smiled lifting her head.
"I'm gonna assume you know my name" laughed
"Yeah" she laughed "I do"
"What happened to your arm?" probed "Sorry for all the questions I'm just curious"
"That's alright at least someone has taken an interest in me for once" she sighed "I did them myself"
"Do you wanna tell me why?"
"Might aswell not like I've got any friends I can talk to is it?" tears fell silently down her cheeks "I begged my mum for years to let me come here and finally she gave in when saw how determined I was to be famous; but as soon as I got here I hated it. Everyone else was better than me at everything; better singers, better dancers, better actors, basically everything I'm not. And I didn't fit in; still don't"
got up and began to pace up and down; with following her every movement.
"Anyway I coped with it at first but then the rumours started to fly about how I'm apparently dating the drama teacher and about how I paid the headteacher just to get into the school; so in the end I got sick of it and started to cut myself. I haven't done it in weeks but after today when my ballet teacher made a show of me and then banned me from your show I just couldn't take it" she explained and sat herself back on the sink. "Haven't you spoken to anyone about it?"
"Who can I speak to the wall? I have no friends remember" replied sarcastically
"Well maybe you could make some; join in with the school production or something" suggested.
"Nah that won't work the teachers all hate me and I can't dance, act or basically do anything worth watching"
"You must be able to do something if you go to school here" sounded confused
"Yeah I could; but that's gone now"
"What were you good at?"
She shrugged.
"Well hey I saw a flyer for the school production on my way in why don't I help you learn a dance for it and you can maybe make some new friends?"
"Really, really" grinned .
"You won't have the time and anyway haven't you got a show to do"
"Yeah but you're gonna meet me in the dance studio every Thursday after classes for the next three weeks so you're all ready for your starring role"
"Oh alright I guess I'll see you Thursday then"
smiled and jumped down off the sink
"Come on you can watch backstage" grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the hall.

"Guys this is , this is well you know who they are" laughed introducing her to , and .
"Hey" grinned .
"Hi"; smiled simply smiled.
"What are you doing here I thought I told you that you were not to attend this assembly yet here you are backstage bothering our special guests! What have you got to say for yourself?" shrieked the ballet teacher.
"I- um- well- I-" stammered
"Well?" spat the teacher now annoyingly tapping her foot.
"I brought her downstairs" defended noticing was getting increasingly upset from the embarrassment.
"Well- Oh you're needed on the stage immediately" stated the teacher before stomping off through the stage door.
"Well see you later then" smiled leading the lads onstage.
McFly sent the girls in the audience wild by starting the show with 5 Colours in Her Hair, onto Obviously, That Girl and finished the show with Not Alone. As their last song came to an end dashed upto her dormitory before her evil teacher could come back and ruin a great day.

'I can't believe I met McFly last night' thought gazing out of the window in the dance studio.
Fifteen minutes later and he still hadn't turned up.
"I knew he wouldn't come" let the tears roll down her face.
furiously wiped the tears away by now she was used to being stood up.
grabbed her bag and her stereo and moved towards the door.
"Ah leaving so soon?" smiled
"Well I thought you weren't gonna show" let out a sigh of relief.
"Couldn't let you down now could I?" set his bag on the floor "Well let's have a look at what dance you could do" took a seat on the floor next to .
"Well there's ballet, tap, salsa, street, ballroom dance and loads of others I haven't heard of" laughed looking at the leaflet.
"I can't do any of them" sighed she had no hope of getting into this show at this rate. "Cheer up I know some ballroom dancing" smiled standing up and brushing off his trousers.
"Cool" grinned and stood up but her leg had gone to sleep.
She stumbled but was caught by who out of instinct pulled her extremely close.
Their faces were centimetres apart, their breath becoming shallower by the second. leaned closer.
cleared his throat "Let's get started" he pulled away quickly and busied himself in his bag.
The first lesson was over pretty quickly; too quick though for 's liking.
'Why didn't he kiss me? Urgh why am I even bothered I've never thought about him in this way before only ' these thoughts tossed through her head all night but if only she knew he was thinking similar things.
'She probably doesn't feel the same way; she- oh why didn't I just go for it'.

"And spin out and-" instructed as she spun out but stumbled like she always did.
"I'm never gonna get this!" growled angrily throwing herself to the floor.
"Yes you will" encouraged helping her off the floor "You just need more practice"
stood behind her and pulled her close.
He placed his hand in hers for their starting position like he did every other time they had practiced this part of the dance but something was different.
"And one two three spin out" he whispered into her ear; his breathe tickling her neck.
spun into the next position they were now facing each other. This time leaned forward and soon found he had captured her lips in a delicate kiss.
"I- erm- gotta go sorry I'll see you tomorrow at the show" pulled away, grabbed his bag and left the dance room quickly leaving in the same position stunned.
strolled through town early next morning shopping for a dress to wear for her performance. She couldn't shake the thoughts of last night from her head; that was until she saw him.
"With another girl" she whispered and quickly walked into the nearest dress shop, the tears rolling down her cheeks. 'Why did he kiss me if he has feelings for somebody else! He's just like every other guy; they only wanna know you for one bloody thing!'

"If it's your brother why do you need my help picking his birthday present? Surely you know him better then anyone else" whined as he trudged three steps behind 's sister Vicky.
"Because every year I buy him something he either doesn't want or doesn't need and seeing as you live with him you'll know exactly what to get him" laughed Vicky as she dragged into Schuh.
As felt himself being dragged into yet another shop he saw a distraught girl rush into the shop next door.
It took him another few minutes before he registered that it was .

"So you'll dance with me?" smiled
"Yeah sure" asked a boy from 's school
"Yeah you do know ballroom dancing don't you?" she asked worriedly as this was the only boy who had agreed to do this with her.
"I do don't panic I'll see you tomorrow then" waved the boy as he walked away.

" why do we have to be here?" whined as he, , and took their seats at the front of the school hall.
"Because- oh just shut up moaning!" he snapped.
"Woah chill man" laughed .
"Oh I know what it is" smirked "It's that girl he met the night we performed here; so my boy is she getting to ya?" joked
"Shut up!" he growled "I'll be right back!"
stalked away to the left-hand backstage entrance.

"Excuse me miss have you seen anywhere?" asked the headteacher.
"No I'm sorry dear I haven't" she smiled weakly and walked away from .
fiddled with the rings on her fingers out of nervousness.
She was wearing a pale pink dress which had a corset style top which then flared out to her ankles in pale pink chiffon and silver beading. Her outfit was finished off with a pair of silver high heeled dancing shoes.
"Come on " she repeated looking nervously around.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the annual Sylvia Young recital we will begin tonight's show with a ballroom dance by and " smiled the headmistress before retreating off the stage.
walked onto the stage and was instantly blinded by the lights.
"Where's ?" whispered to .
"Ladies and gent-" began . stepped onstage from the left of and offered her his hand.
"There!" laughed pointing to the stage.
took 's hand and the melodies of 'Because You Loved Me filled the room'.

spun in for the final time and as the music ended he dipped her and when she was upright again their noses were barely touching.
"I'm glad I dressed for the occasion" laughed referring to the suit he was wearing.
The audience burst into applause along with a few wolf whistles from and .
"Kiss her!" cried .
"Okay" whispered and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.
pulled away and looked into his eyes and giggled before kissing him again.


copyright© Mostly McFly