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Part One of Spoiled...

"No Danny you've gone to far this time!" I flung the few belongings I had into my suitcase.

"Please it didn't mean a thing!" he was on his knees at my feet begging me to forgive him.

"Danny get up!" I growled zipping my suitcase shut.

"Please don't leave me; we can work at this" I looked down at his puffy face; the tears were streaming non stop down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry" by now I was crying too; I moved towards the door with my bag but paused and turned to Danny "You know I'll never forgive you for this"


I walked out of the front door and let the cold winters breeze whip around me.  I had no idea where I was going Danny was the only person I had left in the world and now he'd messed everything up, but wait there was someone…

“Aww hun come in” cried my cousin Emma opening the door to her flat “He’s stupid” she whispered as she hugged me.  Emma was about two years older than me, being nineteen and all she still goes to university.

“I know” I sniffed

“Your better being by yourself” she smiled leading me into the lounge

“Yes” I agreed falsely.

“Oh Harry’ll be here in a bit to take me out” Emma called from the kitchen

“Oh right” I sighed sitting on the couch

"Sorry I shouldn't go on about him should I?" apologized Emma handing me a cup of tea.

“Oh it’s alright” I smiled “Can’t stop you from talking about him just because my boyfriend decided I wasn’t good enough for him” and I was off all the tears I’d stopped from falling in front of Danny came flooding out.

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