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That Girl

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"Went out with the guys and before my eyes there was this girl she looked so fine and she blew my mind......"


I threw my keys on the side and placed my bag on the floor.

"Nee I'm home!" I called to my sixteen year old daughter Niamh; who looked more like my twin rather than my daughter; she had my long, dark brown hair and slim figure but she had her dad's piercing blue eyes.

"Hey there mum how was work?" she asked entering the kitchen behind me and kissing my cheek.  I smiled.

"When's dinner?"

"When I decide what to make" I drawled and smirked at her

"Well call me when it's ready" she laughed and poked out her tongue.

I don't know what I'd do without her.  Being a teenage mum was hard but I got the support I needed from my mum and dad; he didn't want anything to do with her.


I went to bed that night thinking of him. There was no way she could know; the only other person who knows who Niamh's dad is and that's my mum.

"Mum come on you're gonna be late for work" whispered Niamh in my ear.  I pretended to be asleep before dragging her under the covers.

"Morning Nee"

"Morning mum" she huffed because I'd messed up her hair

"Mum I might be a bit late home tonight me and some friends are gonna see if we can get a glimpse of McFly as they go into the radio station" she kissed my cheek and left the house.  I can't believe she's going to see him; I think I'll take myself over there on my lunch break; it'd be nice to see him in person again.  I showered and dressed before rushing to work.


"Nee!" I called as I walked towards the radio station

"Hiya mum aren't you supposed to be in work?" she asked hugging me

"Yeah but I thought I'd come and see you" I smiled and waved to her friends.

'I still can't believe after all these years McFly are still going strong'

"I can't believe McFly are so popular after all this time" I laughed looking around at the number of girls that had shown up.

"Neither can I actually" laughed Niamh

"Oh my god Nee there they are!" squealed one of Niamh's friends as McFly stepped out of their car.


'There he was.  Still as gorgeous as the day I'd met him; I wonder if he'll recognise me; probably not.  Ah he's coming over'

I quickly made sure my hair wasn't messy and smoothed down my clothes.

"Hi Dougie can you sign these please?" smiled Nee as she passed him all my old McFly albums and their newest one.

"Yeah sure; how have you got all our old albums? I thought they weren't on sale anymore" he sounded confused.  I smiled at the cute look he had on his face.

"Oh they're my mums" she smiled dragging me beside her. 'If only she knew'

"This is your mum?" asked Dougie slightly shocked "I thought she was your sister or something!" well Niamh does look old for her age.

I smiled up at him shyly before dropping my head slightly so he couldn't see my face but so I could still see him.  I noticed him eyeing me up strangely; maybe he did recognise me.

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