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The Shy One

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slumped further down in his chair as another paperball hit him on the back of the head.
"Oi ! Pass us some paper!" shouted from across the classroom. looked around him, the floor and desk were littered with paper balls.
"Are you deaf or something?" questioned "Stupid freak" muttered before launching another paperball.
'Why is it always me?' asked himself as he watched 's paperball hit the supply teacher on the head.
"Are you okay ?" asked a sweet voice from beside him.
"Yeah thanks " blushed . She was a pretty girl with long hair, striking eyes and sunkissed skin. had always liked but only recently she had become a bit more distant. That was mostly because of , her new boyfriend.
'I'm her best friend and all of a sudden she could hardly give two shits about me!' " what are you doing!" spat narrowing his eyes at who stared at the desk.
"Talking to my mate I'll be over in a minute!" she called back irritably
"So is that all I am to you?" whispered just loud enough for her to hear.
"No you're my best friend in the world; I'll see you tonight" she whispered in his ear before walking over to sit with .
'Alone again?' asked 's conscience 'She's never going to want you; you do know that don't you?'
'Of course I'm not stupid' thought 'Oh great I'm thinking to myself' rolled his eyes at his own insanity and slung his bag over his shoulder as the bell rang.
"Hey " smiled "You seem a bit down today what's up?"
'So would you if you had no friends' thought.
"I'm fine, I'm just fed up of school-" began
"And " finished , nodded.
"Just ignore him he doesn't really mean it" defended her boyfriend and hugged .
"Yeah right" mumbled leaning into 's hug.
"Come round to mine tonight and I'll soon cheer you up" smiled
"Okay" smiled as kissed him on the cheek.
"Let's go"
"Do- does know I'm coming round to yours?" asked nervously
"No, and so what if he does he can't stop me speaking to my best friend" she smiled
"No he can't shoved playfully as they walked towards 's.
"Hey!" she squealed and soon the shoving got a bit out of hand when fell over a wall and right into the flowerbeds in 's front garden.
"Hey gay boy! You fancy don't ya?" shouted in the crowded corridor. bowed his head staring intently at his shoes.
"Aww look he's blushing" teased , who was wrapped in his arms laughed.
'Why is she laughing?' thought 'She's supposed to be my friend'
A tear fell from 's eye and rolled down his cheek.
"That proves it look he's crying!" shrieked . looked at for the first time in two weeks and noticed he had become a lot paler and he had massive bags under his eyes. She followed his tears as they splashed onto his jacket.
"Come on stop it now guys" she sighed.
"We're only having a bit of fun lighten up" laughed
"No I will not 'lighten up'!" wriggled out of 's arms and stormed away.
's eyes watched her stalk down the corridor. He didn't notice he was being approached by .
"It would be a wise idea for you to stay away from her" hissed "She doesn't like you anymore; infact I don't think she ever has! And unless you want something bad to happen to you I suggest you follow my wise idea!" threw a dirty look as did and before entering their classroom.
"Hey I'm sorry" apologized sitting next to her.
"No I'm the one who's sorry!" she spat "Sorry that I've wasted the past three months with a bully like you! I heard what you said to and if you go anywhere near him you'll have me to answer to!" quickly moved to another desk before could answer.
"It's- all- your- f**king- fault!" spat in-between punches to s stomach.
"How's- it- my- fau-" struggled to say.
"Because she heard me threatening you and broke up with me you pathetic little s**t!"
Tears streamed freely down 's cheeks.
"Stop crying you wimp!" bawled
"I- I- can't" sobbed
"Come on guys he's boring me now" said walking off; but not before one last blow to 's face.
"Has anyone seen this morning?" was panicking as she hadn't heard from all weekend. He usually phoned her every Sunday night.
The whole class replied in 'Nos' or 'Nuh uhs'.
"I have to go find him" ran from her form room and out of the school gates; unaware she was being followed.
had become noticeably more depressed over the past few days and soon found herself outside his house.
"!" she called out after using the spare key from under the welcome mat to let herself in.
After had searched every room in the house she remembered the en suite bathroom had in his room. "I haven't checked it" tore from the living room and back into 's room.
By now was sobbing hysterically and pounding her fists on the door of the bathroom.
"?" asked worriedly from behind her. He had let himself in after had left the front door open.
", quickly get the door open please!" she sobbed
"Okay stand back" ran at the door and shoulder and shoulder barged it open.
raced into the bathroom and began to cry even more at the sight that met her eyes. was lying in the bath wearing only his boxers; but his arms and stomach were bruised and cut to shreds with blood pouring from his wounds.
climbed into the bath and knelt between 's legs.
" please wake up" she whispered holding his face lightly "You can't leave me; you can't him win"
"There's not much point in living if I have no life" he whispered back; eyes still closed.
"But you're worth so much more than this"
"No I'm not" he croaked and finally opened his eyes.
"Do you remember when we were six and you stole my juice?" smiled weakly still holding his face. nodded.
"Yeah you said you'd never talk to me again" closed his eyes again to hold back the tears "That was the first time you broke my heart"
"I didn't mean it; you know I never!" cried pulling into a light hug.
was too weak to hug back; even though with all his heart he wanted to. had phoned the ambulance five minutes ago and was stood in the doorway crying at how far he had pushed with his taunts.
"I know you never meant it; but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt me" looked into 's deep eyes.
Somehow managed to drape his bloody arms around . He leant his forehead against hers and watched the tears fall from her eyes.
"I love you " he whispered and kissed her lightly on the lips.
"I love you too " whispered back; but he didn't hear her.
waited for him to reply; but he didn't.
"No" pulled back slightly from him "? No ; you can't leave me! wake up please; I love you so much" soon felt herself being dragged away from by the paramedics much to her dismay.
She collapsed into 's arms. Although she knew he caused to do this she needed someone to hold her.
"He's gone ; he's gone" she sobbed into his shoulder.
"Yeah I know" whispered in disbelief that someone would ever do that to themselves.
I watched them lower the coffin into the ground as Blink 182' I Miss You played in the background.
I still can't believe he's gone. , and have been permanently excluded from school for bullying him. Too bad the school didn't notice soon enough.
I wish I'd have noticed sooner. I also I wish I'd have realised my feelings for him before now. I only had one chance to tell him how I felt and he didn't hear me.
I've tried to convince myself that he did hear me that day but it doesn't work; I'll always know deep down he never got his wish, that being he wanted me to tell him I loved him as more than a friend and now he never will.
It's always the shy one you have to look out for; you never know they may just be the love of your life.

copyright© Mostly McFly