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“Mum, please don’t go!” I sobbed running out of the house after her. “I’m sorry but I just can’t stay with him anymore, I’ve had enough” she sighed and opened the car door. “But its okay for me to stay with him?” I snapped. She stayed silent and looked at the floor. She was leaving me with a father that thought it was right to knock women around to get what he wants, including me. “I’ve got to go!” she said quickly and in a blur of silver she was out of my life. I fell to my knees and cried into my hands right there in the driveway.

Because of all the commotion I hadn’t noticed him stood there gawping at me. By him I mean . The reason I hate school, the reason I have no friends, the reason I cut myself. “What do you want?” I spat not looking at him. “I- erm- are you okay?” he stammered coming towards me. “Do. I. Look. Okay?” I growled “No, sorry” he apologised and crouched next to me. “That’s okay” I sighed “Sorry I snapped” “Nah you’re upset and me asking stupid questions is the last thing you need right now” he smiled. I looked up slightly and found myself drawn in by his perfect eyes. ““ “Yeah” “Why do you-” I began “ get in this house right now!” screamed my dad “ you’d better go” I jumped up quickly. “But what about you?” he asked “Like you really care” I sighed and entered the house.

“Who was he?” spat my dad “Erm a boy from school” I said quietly “Don’t lie to me, he’s your boyfriend isn’t he?” he roared “Isn’t he? Answer me girl!” he grabbed me by the front of my school shirt and slammed me into the wall. “He- he- isn’t- my- boy- friend” I gasped “Get to your room!” he sneered and dropped me before going to watch TV.

As I stepped out of the shower the next morning I looked in the mirror. My left shoulder was purple with bruising where I had slammed into the wall. “Be home by four” he snarled “Okay dad” I called and started my short walk to school. Around him I had to act as if mum had never been there, as if she never existed. It was either that or be slammed into more walls maybe even his fists. I was halfway to school when something hit me on the back of the head. I spun round to see ‘s gang were trying to pelt me with stones. “Leave me alone!” I sighed and continued walking. The more stones they threw the more tears ran down my cheeks. “Please just leave me alone!” I cried and quickened my pace. “Aw look she’s crying” laughed one of the gang causing the rest to laugh too.

When I finally got to school I ran to my locker as I knew no body came into the building until the bell rang. Once I had put my bag away I threw my head against the lockers and slid to the floor, head in hands. I cried freely into my hands more freely than I usually do of a morning. I was the social outcast, I had no friends and now it seemed I didn’t have a family. My mum was gone, Dad hated me and was in Uppingham. I had been sobbing so loudly I didn’t hear footsteps approaching me. “?” asked a familiar voice. I looked up into ‘s eyes, oh his eyes they were so bloody captivating! I threw my arms around him and cried into his shoulder. Soon he warmed to the hug and closed his arms around me, rocking me slightly.

I could believe it myself at first. Here I was being comforted by the one person who I thought truly hated me. For about five years now he’d picked on me, turned any friends I’d made against me and constantly remind me I was ugly and unwanted. “I’m sorry” he whispered “I should have stopped them” ““ I pulled back from him slightly. “Yeah he asked, his hands cupping my elbows. I leant in and brushed my lips against his. I don’t know what came over me but he didn’t exactly pull away. “I- I shouldn’t have done that!” I blurted out before walking quickly down the corridor. “You can’t just kiss me and walk away” said grabbing my arm and spinning me round. “It was a mistake” I mumbled and tried to walk round him. “Like this?” he smiled. He pinned my arms to my sides so I couldn’t push away and placed his soft lips delicately on mine. “This can be our little secret” he whispered and walked away smirking as the bell rang.

“You’re late” growled my dad as I walked into the living room “It’s only five past” I answered back, big mistake! “Don’t give cheek!” he roared slamming his fist into my face “Now piss off to your room!” “O- Okay” I whispered clutching my face. I ran quickly up the stairs and collapsed onto my bed. “Mum, help me please” I sobbed into the pillow “Help me” “Shut up!” bellowed my dad banging on the ceiling of the living room. “Someone help me” I whispered and drifted into an uneasy sleep.

“Get up and get to school!” my dad shook me violently before storming back to bed. “Let’s see the damage” I sighed and dragged myself over to the mirror on my dressing table. My eye was badly swollen so it was barely open and the skin around it was a deep shade of purple. “Definitely gonna get laughed at for this one” I quickly showered and pulled my long hair into plaited bunches before setting off for school. “Ay up lads looks like someone’s beat us to it” smirked a tall lanky boy in ‘s gang referring to my black eye. “Yeah I bet you’re gutted aren’t you!” I spat and made my way to my locker.

I pulled a compact mirror out of my bag and looked at my bruise. The swelling had gone down slightly but it still as clear as before. I looked away from the mirror to find scuffing his shoes on the floor. “Hello “ I said simply before walking away. “They’re my friends” I heard him sigh “You could still tell them to lay off” I snapped turning to face them. “How’d you do it?” “Not a case of how but who” I groan leaning my head back against the lockers. “Okay then who? Was it that Fiona in my form because I’ll-” rambled “It was my dad” I whispered. “I can get someone- your dad?” he finally registered what I’d said. “Shocking huh?” I moved my head slightly to look him in the eye. “Well yeah” he said disbelievingly. “It shouldn’t be you saw what he was like the other day and anyway he’s been doing it for years just you’ve never cared enough to notice” I turned my head away from him and stared at the ceiling. I felt slip his arms around my waist. I looked at him and leant forward. Again he captured my lips in a kiss. “We shouldn’t be doing this, we might get caught” I giggled putting my arms around his neck. “Makes it more fun” he smirked and kissed me again. “But what about your friends?” “What about them” he smoothed my fringe away from my eyes “like they care where I am anyway” “Urgh interruptions” moaned as the bell rang; I giggled “Meet me later in the park” “Erm what time?” I asked nervously “About five” he smiled walking away from me slightly as people started to fill the corridor. “I can’t promise I’ll be there!” he nodded showing he understood before joining his friends down the corridor.

“Erm dad is it okay if I go out for an hour?” I asked sheepishly “Anything if it means you’re out of my face! Be home by ten though!” he warned before returning his attentions to the TV. “Thanks dad” I beamed racing up the stairs to get ready. One hour later my hair was straightened to perfection and I was wearing a pair of dark blue baggy hipster jeans, my pink converse with a pink billabong hoodie. “Dad I’m going” I called as I opened the front door. “Yeah whatever” I heard him mumble. How was it possible I was even related to him? I arrived at the park to find sat on a bench along with his mates. He looked as if he’d rather be somewhere else. I walked towards them with my head lowered and my hands in my pockets. “Oh look it’s the freak!” I ignored the comments and walked briskly past them glancing up slightly catching ‘s eye. I walked past two more benches and settled on the third one I came to. I could still see them clearly from where I was sat but it didn’t look like would be joining me anytime soon. One hour later and they sill hadn’t left so I gave up and braced myself to walk past them again. Again I put my hands in my pockets and stared at my feet. “Aw what’s the matter loser didn’t your mystery date show up?” teased on of the lads. “Not that it’s any of your business but no he never” I sighed and carried on walking.

“Leave me alone “ I spat placing my bag in my locker. “I’m sorry I couldn’t exactly tell them to fuck off because I’m here waiting for the girl I supposedly can’t stand!” he argued. “ I don’t wanna hear your excuses; I honestly don’t know why I got myself involved with you in the first place” I stated sitting on the floor arms folded across my chest. “?” he said crouching in front of me “Come on “ “!” he said sternly “What ?” I couldn’t keep a straight face so I burst out into a fit of giggles. “You know you look dead cute when you laugh” he smirked “Aw ya big div come here” I pulled him into a hug; well the best I could with being sat on the floor.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. and I would get in earlier than everyone else so we could sit by my locker and talk or occasionally kiss =). Eventually I became s ‘secret’ girlfriend but as per usual around everyone else he acted as if he didn’t care less about me. And everything was going fine until…. “You’ve been lying to me” scowled my dad as I strolled in from school. “Have I?” I didn’t understand what he was getting at. “I’m just going to the park with Emma” he mimicked “ more like” “I’m sorry” I blurted out as he advanced on me. “It’s a bit late for that!” he roared and began beating me. I tried my hardest to hold back my screams knowing that if I did it would only be worse for me in the long run. Half an hour later he stormed up the stairs leaving to writhe in the pain he had put me in.

I stayed off school that day. I lay in bed clutching my sides to ease the pain it caused when I breathed. I stared blankly at the wall thinking about situation. Sure he’s hit me before but never anything this bad, he’s supposed to love me, I am his daughter after all. Sometime after midday I heard the front door creak open. “No” I gasped “What he catches me” I felt physically sick; I tried to move but the pain was too much I had no choice but to lye there with my eyes tightly shut and wait. “?” whispered a voice. “Mum?” I cried my voice cracking. “What’s he done to you!” she rushed to my side and began stroking my bruised cheek lightly “You were right; it wasn’t okay for you to stay with him” I could see the tears trickling down her face. “Mum, get me out of here” I breathed “Okay” she said quickly and proceeded packing my things “Come on lets go” Lifting me slightly mum helped me off the bed and leant me against her for support. “Almost there” she coaxed as I moved slowly towards the car, my legs starting to give way. And soon we were away; halfway down the street I saw my dad walking along with a huge scowl on his face. Maybe he knows I’ve been of school?

“Mum why did you come back?” I whispered from where I was lying on the back seat off the car. “The school sent me a message saying you weren’t in and I knew that wasn’t like you not to be in so I took a chance to come and see what was wrong” she explained not taking her eyes off the road. “Oh” so she wouldn’t have come back if I’d have gone to school? Shows how much she hates me too. “We’re here” she beamed stopping the car and turning off the engine. “And where’s here exactly?” I sighed sitting up slightly; but I still couldn’t see out of the windows. “Uppingham” beamed someone from behind me. They placed their hands under my arms and slid me out of the car. I looked up to see . “Oh my god! I’ve missed you so much!” I screamed; now this I had energy for. “Look at the state of you” he sighed taking in the damage from the night before. “Yeah well” I mumbled looking at the floor. “He shouldn’t be allowed to do this to women” I wiped away the tear that strayed down his cheek “Now you’re here we can put a stop to it all” “Are sure you’re going to be okay hun?” asked mum bending slightly to look me in the eye. “Yeah thanks mum” I smiled and hugged her tightly “You won’t have to go back there because when you’ve left school I’ll have a place of my own far away from him where he can never get you” she whispered and pulled away going on to hug . “You look after her now!” warned mum her eyes glistening with tears. “I will, come on let’s get you inside” said supporting me with one arm and my suitcase in the other.

As led me up to my dormitory I noticed a lot of the kids were giving me weird looks and only then did I notices I was still wearing my pyjamas. They say it takes human brings seven seconds to make an impression of what a person is like; well I guess I’ve just screwed mine up.

“Right here’s your room; private of course because you’re year eleven” smiled placing my suitcase on the bed. I leant on the doorway and looked around at the tiny room I was going to be living in for the remainder of the school year. The room consisted of a small metal framed bed pushed up against the right hand wall, a single doored wardrobe behind the door and a writing desk with numerous draws underneath it. I made my way shakily over to the bed wincing as I held my ribs to control the pain. “Let’s see” sighed . I moved my arm and he lifted my pyjama top slightly so he could see the black and purple bruising on my abdomen. “ I- who the hell is she!” snapped a pretty girl with mid length brown hair and eyes similar to…‘s. “ calm down it’s not what it looks like” groaned . “It looked like something to me!” she spat. “Vicks this is my sister, “ laughed . “Oh, I feel so stupid now” blushed “I should think before I speak huh?” “Might help” said rolling his eyes. “Anyways” laughed ignoring ‘s last comment “I’m , as you know, ‘s girlfriend” “, ‘s sister” I replied putting a bit of emphasis on sister. “Nice to meet you” she smiled “You coming to dinner ?” “Yeah, you coming ?” he grinned “Nah I’ll give it a miss need to unpack” I sighed miserably. “Okay well make sure you get some rest aswell though” he smiled sweetly and left the room hand in hand with .

“Ami’s this is and “ introduced his arm round my shoulder “Guys this is my little sister “ “Hey “ smiled “Hey” nodded A cough came from behind me and . “Oh yeah and these three angels are, well you know , but the ones you don’t know are and “ smirked . was quite tall and had longish black-blue hair and numerous piercings. Whereas had hair similar to James Bourne’s but it was much longer, she also had deep chocolate brown eyes and she was a bit shorter than and . “Well I gotta go cya at lunch” waved as the bell rang. “Nice that leaving his sister here when she hasn’t got a clue where she’s going!” sighed “Come on I’ll show you the way to your first class” smiled “Bye guys” “Bye” called and going in the opposite direction. “Ha look at her eye, looks like she got done in!” laughed a group of year eight kids who were stood on the stairs me and were walking up. “What was that?” snapped, her face was like thunder. “ it’s okay really” I said trying to coax her away from the group. “Do you think it’s funny?” “N- no” stammered the one who shouted the comment. “Good” smirked and turned round to start walking up the stairs again. “B|tch” growled the boy, and next thing I knew had hit with her very heavy folder before storming up the stairs with me trailing after her.

“OH MY GOD GUYS GUESS WHAT!” squealed running over as we all ate our lunch. “What? I was eating” moaned “Dudes I’ve got us a manager!” he beamed “Seriously?” asked disbelievingly. “Yeah and he said we can start the auditions for a forth member next week” grinned . “Aw that’s awesome !” beamed . “Err what band” I had no idea what they were talking about. “Oh yeah sorry forgot to tell you” smiled and he explained it. He told me they’d been in their own band for about a year and a half now and they write and play their own music. I also found out that and were now going out with each other and had been since second lesson. :P “What kind of music do you guys play?” “Pop stuff” replied . “Cool maybe you can show me sometime” I smiled feeling truly wanted for the first time in my life. “Yeah we’ve gotta practice next Thursday the day after the auditions” informed me before going back to eating ‘s face. “Cool I’ll come along” I laughed and carried on eating my lunch.

“Lads can you put the girls down and sit here please” instructed the band’s manager Fletch sitting at a long table which was at one end of the audition room. “Okay coming” sighed kissing on the cheek before sitting at the desk, soon followed by and . Me, , and were allowed to sit in the corner behind the desk as long as we were quiet. “Erm girls do any of you wanna help out?” asked Fletch. “Yeah I will” I sighed. All the boy talk from the other three was driving me mad; it was making me think of . “Great here’s the list, you’re gonna be calling them in” smiled Fletch handing me a clipboard.

“Erm Will Horthorn?” I called out to the lads waiting nervously. As the first audition commenced I took a chance to scan the list and there it was ), . He was going in tenth I looked around the room not taking my eyes off the paper incase he saw me looking. There were only about twenty-five people auditioning so as the eighth person went in the room was pretty empty but I still couldn’t see him. The door that opened onto the corridor swung open and stumbled into the room looking very pale. I called the ninth person and decided now would be my chance to talk to him. But as I made my way over got up and ran out; I quickly followed him into the mens toilets and found him throwing up in one of the stalls.

I placed my hand on his shoulder causing him to jump slightly before lifting his head to look at me. At first he smiled but it quickly turned into a look of hate. “You okay, you’re up next” I smiled weakly “Fine!” he snapped “Can you leave me alone now” “But I-” I began “JUST GO!” he bawled I fled from the toilets with tears blurring my vision.

I wiped my tears before re entering the room holding the potential band members. I cleared my throat before calling his name. “ )!” “Yeah I’m here” he mumbled carrying his bass with him into the room. But before he stepped through the door I grabbed his arm. He looked down at my hand before looking into my eyes. “Good luck” I whispered “Thanks” he whispered back before closing the door behind him. “ Fletch said you can come in and watch the last audition” smiled popping her head round the door. “Okay thanks”

“Right guys decision time” sighed Fletch “I think him” grinned pointing to an application form on the desk. (You know who it is don’t ya? Lol) “Yeah I agree” smiled “Me too” beamed “Right here ya go” said handing me the form “Go get him” I looked down at the form and there were the two words I was half dreading half wanting to see: ‘ )‘

“Erm...” I began as I entered another room which was holding the final ten “ )“ everyone in the room let out a sigh and went back to their conversations or whatever else they had been doing before I came in. “So how’ve you been?” I asked making light conversation while he followed me to the main audition room. “Fine” he grunted “You” “Okay” I smiled and looked at him; for a moment there I could have sworn he smiled back. “Do you know who’s got the place?” he asked expectantly “Yeah I do” I replied “So how do you know the band?” “‘s my brother and erm the rest go to my school” “Oh right and what school’s that?” he sounded a little angry when he asked me. “Uppingham” “Are those girls your friends?” “Nice to see you’re happy” he said that with a lot of emphasis on you’re. So he’s unhappy I left?

mate take a seat” smiled as we walked in. “Erm okay” “You’re in” said the moment he sat down “Seriously?” “Yeah unanimous decision” grinned “Wow thanks” “Guys you can all shoot off now I’ll tell the rest” offered Fletch “Cheers Fletch” smiled while shaking ‘s hand.

“Girls come meet “ called . “This is beautiful creature is grinned putting his arm round her and kissing her cheek. “Hi I’m ‘s girlfriend” greeted “And this is Vi-” began “I do have a voice “ snapped “Hi I’m “ “Oh and this is my little sister gestured towards me. “Hi nice to meet you properly” I smiled sweetly “Nice to meet you to” his shook my hand and I looked him in the eye. His face was expressionless. What are you about ?

“Right guys let’s run through 5 colours give Doug some practise” instructed “Count us in “ “1,2…1,2,3,4” and so the song began. had been coming to Uppingham everyday after school to learn the songs before the lads went on a tour of the record companies in London. I watched him fascinated how his hands moved along the strings of the bass and how he nodded his head in time to ‘s drumming. “Hello ?” said waving her hand in front of my face. “Huh wha- did you say something?” “No but can you please explain why you were staring at ?” she smirked. “Was I?” I blushed and turned away from them slightly. “Yes you were” laughed “You like him don’t ya?” grinned “Maybe” by now I was as red as a ato. “Yeah you do!” squealed ; none of us noticed the music had stopped.

“Yeah she does what?” asked boldly “She has a-” began but was stopped by closing her hand over her mouth. “None of your business” poked her tongue out “Shouldn’t you be practising?” “Mmmmm hmmmmfffff” mumbled with ‘s hand still over her mouth. “Oh sorry Vicks” she smiled “Thank you for letting me have my air supply back” sulked .

“I need some air” I mumbled and walked outside. “Can you go see if she’s okay?” asked “I suppose” breathed placing his bass down carefully. I heard footsteps and turned to face . “ sent me” he said bashfully “Ah right” “I’m sorry you know” I sighed sitting on the floor “My mum made me leave” “What are you saying sorry for?” asked acting confused “For what happened between us” I looked him expectantly “Nothing happened between us” he spat and went back inside. This has to be the first time in while he’s made me cry with something he said.

“Huh?” I was awoken suddenly from my sleep and found myself staring at my dad. “Did you think I wouldn’t find out where you’d gone? Did you think I’m not smart enough just to ask your little friend ?” he snarled. “Ask more like threaten!” I spat finally finding my voice “How dare you answer me back!” he growled “You should respect your elders!” “I’m not scared of you!” I shouted “I didn’t say you were and if you don’t keep your damn voice down I’ll do much worse than last time” he snarled. “You won’t friggin’ touch me!” I snapped “!” I screamed and dad fled from the room.

what’s up?” asked worriedly running into the room. “Dad was here” was all I could manage before bursting into tears. “It’ll be okay” he cooed and hugged me closely; I wept into his shoulder like I did the first time held me. “ what’s going on?” asked from the doorway “Vicks get a teacher anyone quick” he instructed “Okay” and went off to find the teachers “What if he comes back ?” I asked wrongly “? Why did you call me ?” asked holding me at arms length. “Did I?” I asked wiping away the tears “What happened?” asked the headteacher entering the room.

“Oh I should have known not to let you out of my sight” cried mum hugging me “Did they find him?” “Yes the police arrested your father” the police found him in a pub down the road drunk out of his head; he was charged with breaking and entering. Mum has decided now that dad is most likely going to prison she sorry me and her will live back at home so she can keep an eye on me. That means I’ll be leaving Uppingham, leaving , leaving my friends and seeing all day everyday at school.

“Hi Poshy, back for good are ya?” laughed one of the lads in ‘s gang. I had no strength to argue with them so I just made my way to my locker. Shoving my bag inside and closing the locker I lent my forehead against it and let the coolness of it draw out my worries. “Don’t I mean anything to him?” I whispered “I obviously just there for his amusement” I just couldn’t figure it out; was he angry or was he just fed up of me whatever it was I need to figure it out soon.

I ran from my English class room and out of the new teaching block but too late the main building is locked. “Great no where to hide from them” I sighed and looked around me nervously. I always used to eat by my locker to avoid & co but my english teacher had let our class out late so now I would have to risk bumping into them.

“Can’t you just fuck off for once in your pathetic little lives?” I bawled as and friends surrounded me. I guessed right there was no getting away from them unless I was inside. “No, what’s the matter did Uppingham chuck you out for being too common?” sneered ; he said that! He knew why I didn’t go to Uppingham anymore so why the hell did he say it? “No you know the real reason” I growled “Well we don’t so enlighten us” smirked one of his friends. “I don’t have to explain myself to you” I snapped “Oh I think you do” he said stepping towards me and shoving me to the ground. The tears trickled from my eyes as I braced myself for the blow that was about to come.

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE PLAYING AT?” roared running upto me and helping me up. “I- I- erm” stuttered “Well?” snapped holding me close “Why didn’t you stop them?” “Yeah we’re waiting” snapped joining in on the interrogation. By now all of ‘s ‘friends’ had slinked away. “I don’t know” finally sighed. “You know what she’s been through!” snapped releasing me. put his arm around me as the tears continued to fall from my eyes. “What are you doing here?” I whispered tearfully “We came to see how you were getting on being back here” smiled “Thanks”

“You saw what my bastard of a father did to her so why the hell would you and your little cronies push her about?” the argument continued. “I don’t know” mumbled again. “Oh forget it I can’t be arsed listening to you anymore” sighed “But if I find out you or any of your mates so much as speak to her the wrong way again I won’t be held responsible for my actions!”

“For fuck sake can’t you guys give it a rest for five minutes!” moaned as he separated another argument between and . “No not until he apologises for what he did to her” argued . “ just get on with it please” I whined; I was fed up of them arguing. “Fine” huffed sitting back behind his drum kit.

“You okay? You seem a bit down?” asked “I’m fine” I sighed glancing at “No you’re not what’s up?” pestered “I said I’m fine!” I snapped and stormed out of the room. “No it’s okay I’ll go” groaned . I leant against the wall outside the practise room and thought about him, again. “Come here” said hugging me “You gonna tell ME what’s up?” “I suppose” I breathed and told her all about me and .

“God, you guys haven’t had it easy have you?” she breathed as I finished the story. “I guess not no” I said sitting on the floor “Want me to talk to him?” “No” I said stubbornly “Aw come I can see he loves you” she persuaded “He stares at you all the time” “So what, that doesn’t prove anything!” I snapped “It does; I can see it in the way he looks at you” reasoned “Look just forget about it would you? He doesn’t love me!” I shouted “I don’t think he ever has” I whispered the last bit before walking away from her.

“Oh I need to go to Schuh I need new converse” informed us as we strolled down the high street. “Okay let’s go” said heading into Schuh. “Which colour I already have pink ones, black ones and green ones?” asked “Whichever, it’s upto you” I sighed as I went to browse in the vans sections.

hurry up I’m bored” I heard a voice whine from behind me. I turned to see a girl with layered strawberry blonde hair pulling on ‘s jacket. She was wearing a plain pink t-shirt, jeans and duffs. “Urgh Kate, shut up will you; I was bored in Boots but I didn’t complain” he snapped placing a shoe back on the shelf “Problem?” “Huh me? No sorry” I had been staring at him “Good because I don’t like being stared at by wierdos!” “Sorry” I mumbled and went off to find , and . “ that was mean!” shrieked Kate “Look she’s upset now” “So she’s hurt me first” he mumbled.

“You okay hun?” asked “Yeah I’m just a bit tired can we go soon?” I asked sitting on one of the chairs. “Yup just let me pay for these” beamed holding a pair of yellow converse. “Is it him?” whispered in my ear. I nodded and she put her arms around me enclosing me in a hug “Don’t worry soon he’ll see it wasn’t your fault” “I hope so” I whispered watching him leave the shop.

“Right I’ve partnered you all up so you can compose me something that might remotely resemble music for the next few weeks” informed the teacher. “Right and “ the teacher rambled off the rest of the list; I stayed where I was in the corner alone as per usual. “What kind of song do you wanna write?” asked plonking himself next to me. “I erm don’t know you choose” I whispered not daring to look at him “I was hoping you’d know” he laughed I couldn’t help but smile. “I know it wasn’t your fault” he confessed “It didn’t seem as though you knew that to me” I finally looked up at him and found my self drawn in by his eyes, again. “Well erm we should get on with this” he said removing his gaze from mine. “Yeah” I breathed.

“So what now?” asked as I told her what happened over the phone. “I’m not sure; just go with the flow I suppose” “I’ve gotta go hun but call me if anything happens” “Okay bye” I placed the phone on the hook “Hello?” called a voice from the hall. “!” I cried and threw my arms round his neck. “Hi you been okay?” he asked placing his bag on the floor. “Yeah, what are you doing home?” “I got three days study leave for an exam” he smiled “Cool, what about band practise?” I wondered aloud as the band usually practises at Uppingham. “Well I suppose the guys can come here” he said wandering into the kitchen in search of food “Yes even “ “Great” I breathed ‘more chances for me to see you know who…

“How’s your composition coming along?” asked the teacher “Just great thanks miss” I smiled; for the first time in a while I was truly happy. “Erm can I tell you something?” asked sheepishly “Yeah sure” I looked up from my work to face him. “I’m- I’m sorry” he whispered “Glad to hear it” I whispered back before kissing him on the lips. “What was that for?” he asked looking round quickly to makes sure no one saw us. “Don’t know just felt like it” I grinned “Oh really did you now?” he smirked “Yup” I giggled

“Right guys take five” sighed as they finished rehearsing obviously. placed his bass down and made his way out of the back room and into the living room to join me. “Hey” he said kissing me on the cheek as he sat next to me on the couch. “Hello to you too” I smiled “You sounded great” “Just great eh?” asked from the doorway pretending to look hurt. “Sorry you sounded awesome” I smirked ““ “That’s it come here!” shouted “What’s up?” asked joining him in the doorway. “Your sister here thinks is the only one who sounded good” informed him. “Oh is that so?” smirked deviously.

“I don’t like the look of that smile” I whispered to as and whispered and giggled to each other in the doorway. “Right” smiled GRAB HER!” pinned me down while and tickled me making me scream. “Woah, woah, woah what’s going on?” asked entering the room. winked at me and then and before we all dived on and started tickling him. I pulled away from the madness and dragged with me. “What?” he mouthed “This” I whispered kissing him on the lips. I pulled away and smirked before kissing me again. “What the hell was that?” asked disbelievingly “It looked like a kiss to me” said rolling his eyes “Felt like it to me” laughed poking his tongue out at . “Well- I- Just make sure it doesn’t happen again” scowled before retreating to the backroom (practise room).

“So how’s this band of yours going?” asked ‘s mate. “Great thanks” he nodded “Oh right, oh look here comes the freak” “Erm, can I talk to you for a moment?” I asked sheepishly only glancing at him slightly. “What about?” he asked sounding slightly pissed off. “Stuff” I replied “Why would I want to talk to you?” he spat “I- just- I- oh forget it” I sighed “Don’t worry I will” he snapped as I walked away.

“Prick, prick, prick” I repeated over and over again as I stabbed the foam board of my graphics model. “You might wanna stop now” whispered the girl next to me. “Yeah suppose, thanks” I mumbled “Right pack away please and you can go home a bit early” smiled the teacher. I placed my model on its shelf and returned to my desk. I picked up the craft knife I had used to stab the foam board. It glinted in the light; I glanced around me before pocketing the knife.

I didn’t bother waiting for ; why should I after the way he spoke to me? I arrived home and only my mum was in. “Hi mum” I said quickly before racing upstairs. “Hi hun” I heard her call as I entered the bathroom. I sat on the floor with my shoulder leant on the bath and pulled the knife out of my pocket. I watched it as it again glinted in the light urging me to use it. So I did I pressed the knife to my wrist and watched the blood fall down my arm.

“Hello come in” smiled ‘s mum. “Thanks, is she in?” I asked boldly “Yes in her room” she smiled as I made my way upstairs “But I will be listening mind” I couldn't help but laugh at her last comment. I reached 's room and knocked on the door. There was no answer so I walked in and found it empty so I walked back out. I then noticed that the bathroom was shut. I knocked; there was no answer so I opened it slowly. I wasn't expecting what I saw though.

!” I cried out and ran to her side. still had the knife held tightly in her right hand. I prised it away from her fingers and cradled her on my knee. “I'm so sorry” I whispered “I never meant it; I thought you'd know that by now” I kissed her softly on the cheek before pulling out my mobile and calling for an ambulance. All I could do was wait. “You didn't need to do this; I loved you” I cried as the tears dripped onto her perfect hair “I still do”

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