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A Busted fic by Amy

The sun shone through 's bedroom window, its rays landing on her pillow where her head was rested. She stirred slightly and opened her eyes. '8.00am' read her alarm clock. She let out a sigh and slowly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She didn't want to go to school, she never wanted to go to school, all because of . She could not understand why he hated her so much. She had never done anything to him, let alone even talk much to him. His recent shoves and pushes were hurting her, she didn't know why he liked to push her around every single time he saw her. As she stood in the shower, she thought back on what had happened a year ago.


"Hey guys! This is my kid sister , she's starting school here this year, so I hope you lot will show her around as well" said to his mates; and . I looked at to and fell in love with him instantly. I thought that it would be great to be friends with 's friends. "Yea, sure!" said "Whatever!" said softly, making sure that didn't hear him.

-End of Flashback-

Ever since that day, had been shoving her around, making her life a living hell. He liked to push her away when he was walking pass her or even shove her when they were queuing up for lunch. "If he hates me so much, why can't he just leave me alone?" thought has she went downstairs' to be greeted by . "Morning!" said as he bit into the piece of toast he was eating. "Morning" said softly. didn't know that had been pushing her around. He didn't have to know, if told him, his friendship with would certainly come to an end, because was very overprotective over her, and would stand up for for anything. Only two of them stayed at their house, their parents were constantly away, working. They only got to see their parents a few times a year but their parents always sent back loads of money. But that wasn't what wanted, she wanted a real family and someone to love her besides her brother.

* * *

"Listen, and are going to stay over for the night, that okay with you?" asked . 's heart stopped suddenly, " staying the night?! He is going to make my day miserable" she thought. She was pretty scared of him, but nothing changed her feeling of love towards him. You may think that she's a weird girl, loving someone who hates her so much, but she couldn't help it, her feelings for were much too strong. "Hey? You ok? I can tell them that you aren't comfortable with them staying the night" asked , concerned. "No! It's ok, I'm cool with it. I was just in my little dream world, that's all" said , trying to sound cheerful. She didn’t want to suspect anything. "Well, ok, I think we'd better leave now, won't want to be late for school. Mr. Thatcher gave me a warning yesterday" sighed . chuckled at , thinking about yesterday. Mr. Thatcher had caught sneaking into the form window so that he could avoid the teaches who patrolled the corridor for late students. always knew how to cheer her up, but he could get really overprotective at times, which was really annoying.

* * *

"Ouch!" sighed as shoved past her. He had shoved her so hard that she had slammed against a nearby wall, dropping her books. She couldn't understand why he had to push her around, and giving her such a hard time in school. It was pure torture, he would shove and push without saying a word at all, acting as though she invisible, or part of the wall. Just a week ago, he had found out that she liked it. She had no idea how he had found out but she knew what his reaction would be. He treated her worse than before, shoving her hardly away and even 'accidentally' knocking her books out of her hand each time he walked past.

As she picked her books up, she felt a pain on her right arm. She lifted up the sleeve slightly, to discover an ugly looking bruise. It must have appeared when her right arm had slammed against the wall. She held back her tears, and bit her bottom lip. "Why does he have to be so cruel?" she thought. The only problem was that didn't seem to realize that he had been causing her bruises and light injuries each time he pushed or shoved her.

" and dont need to find out about them" she said softly to herself. If ever discovered 's cuts and bruises, he would certainly kill the person who had done this, and couldn't let their strong friendship fall apart. She wanted both of them to be happy.

* * *

"Hey! Amz! Over here!" shouted from across the lunch hall. walked towards her hyper-active brother and yelled, "Alright!! I'm coming!" She loved the way her brother acted, he was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy and didn't give a damn about what other people said about him. As she drew nearer, her smile faded when she saw sitting beside . He didn't even look up when approached them, he just continued on with his lunch. felt a little hurt seeing him ignoring her, but she pushed the feeling away. She was used to his cold and silent treatment towards her. But, she didn't want to spoil her brothers mood. "Yes? What is it my hyper-active bro?" asked. "Look what I've got!!" he grinned widely and took out a DVD from his bag. "Umm, , hate to break it to you but it's just a DVD" "Just look at the cover" he said excited and impatient. "Oh no, oh no, you wouldn't you are not making me watch THAT!" exclaimed . The DVD was actually the latest horror movie and HATED watching horror movies. "Oh yes you are, me, and Chaz are going to watch it, same for you as well" grinned . walked off, he needed to get himself a drink. Leaving her with . turned, deciding to walk off, she didn't want to be in 's way, she knew that he didn' like her. Then. She heard say, "Stay out of my way tonight" 's heart ached with pain, and she felt a lump in her throat. His words were so cold, ice cold. No sympathy in them, just harsh cruel words that tore her heart apart. "You knew he was going to say this" thought as she held her tears back. He didn't even bother to look up to her when he said it. "If you say so" she said to him, her back turned, her fingers gripping her music file tightly. Then she walked away.

* * *

looked at herself in the mirror and let out a sigh. She pushed her sleeves down and put on her long pants, and made sure that no cuts and bruisers would be seen. "The guys should be here any minute now" thought . She went downstairs to the living room and ordered two large pizzas. She knew what they liked best. came down a few minutes later and was surprised to see her in such hot clothes. "Hey, Amz. Why are you wearing those? Looks really hot" questioned , concerned. "Oh, I'm just being careful, you never know if and might 'accidentally' see something, you know" said , trying to cover up the truth. "Oh, yea, I get what u mean" said and slumped down on the sofa. breathed a sigh of relief, she really didn't want or to find out about her cuts and bruisers.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. went to answer the door, seeing that was talking on the phone. She opened the door to see and standing outside. gave her a tight hug and said "Hi". But when she came to , she stepped out of his way, she didn't want to get in his way, just like he had said. Luckily, and didn't notice this. just brushed past her and didn't give say a 'Hi', let alone even glance at her. knew that this was the way he acted towards her, and quickly brushed a silent tear away. "Hey guys!" said . He had just put the phone down and walked towards and . "Hey listen, I can't crash here tonight. Mum wants me home" said . "Oh, I guess it's just me, and then"

just nodded in agreement and went to get some drinks for the guys. She took three bottles of WKD from the fridge and handed them to the guys.

"You're not having one for yourself?" asked "Nah, not in the mood" replied .

The night went by pretty fast, had left at 11pm and was completely ignoring as usual. failed to notice this because he was pretty wasted.

* * *

Halfway through the movie, glanced at the clock, '3am' read the clock. She looked over to where the guys were sitting and was surprised to see that and had fallen asleep. She giggled silently to herself and switched off the video. She then went to the spare room and grabbed a handful of blankets and pillows for the guys downstairs. She took the empty WKD bottle out of his hand and covered her sleeping brother, who was lying on the floor, with a blanket, and carefully lifted his head slightly and placed a pillow underneath. She then walked over to , who was sprawled on the sofa. She carefully tucked the blanket around him, she didn't want to wake him up. She look at his face and let out a sigh, she loved him so much, but he hated her. She washed everything up and then went upstairs to her room. She couldn't sleep yet, many thoughts raced inside her head. She sat down on her bed, and took her acoustic guitar from her bedside and started to play. Little did she know that was looking at her from the gap of her doorway. His face broke into a smile when he saw her strumming the strings on her guitar. He pushed the door open slightly and looked up, shocked to see standing there. The colour drained from her face when she saw him there. "What did I do now?" thought . "Yes, ? Did I wake you up? If I did, I'm sorry" said softly, wanting to avoid his gaze. "It's nothing" he said coldly, and walked back downstairs. "What was I thinking?" thought as he sat back down on the sofa. Back upstairs, was thinking about what had happened. "Why was he standing in my doorway? And why did he just walk off?" thought . Then she thought that it may be a good sign since had at least started talking to her. But then, the coldness in his voice,she pushed the thoughts away and went to sleep.

-Next Morning-

woke up the next morning and went downstairs. The two guys were still sleeping away, so she decided to cook breakfast before they went to school. It had been a while since the guys had eaten a good breakfast because didn't really have time to cook for them. After she had made breakfast, which was sunny-side-up eggs with bacon, she went to wake the boys. She gave a prod but he didn't even respond, he just kept sleeping away. She then tapped him lightly on the cheek and his eyes slowly fluttered open. "No! 5 more minutes" whined . "No way! You don't want your bacon and eggs to get cold right?" "OK! I'm up!" he sprang up after hearing the words 'eggs and bacon' "You wake " said and pointed to the sleeping on the sofa. didn't wait for a reply; he had already sprinted to the kitchen. gave a sigh and turned towards . She was afraid to wake him up. What if he shouted or yelled at her? Finally, after a few seconds, she poked him slightly and quickly stepped back. He stirred slightly and opened his eyes. "Morning . Breakfast is in the kitchen, feel free to help yourself. Just thought you should know. And, I've put your school uniform on the chair in 's room so you can get it from there" said and quickly walked away because she was afraid that he might hurt her again by pushing her away. Seeing her walk away, felt guilty. "She must be really afraid of me" He felt bad, she was being nice, trying to be friends with him by cooking breakfast, setting out his clothes, covering him with a blanket, and all he did was ignore her and push her away. He pushed the feelings away. That's the way he wanted her to be; afraid, hurt, so that she wouldn't get into his way.

copyright© Mostly McFly